Posted by: Mermaid | May 15, 2009

I Whisper

 Horse Whisper

Let me whisper into thy ears

Words unspoken before.

Let me hide safe my years

In thine eyes shores.

Let the sun rays, between us, weave

A bond not to be wrecked.

Let all those lonely nights leave

They misfit into this moment perfect.

I whisper: “I love thee, Fair,

And thee alone

For from thine dark locks of hair

My destiny has shone.”


Thanks to Nahla El Shaarawy for sharing this inspiring photo with me :)



  1. Mayada,

    Let me hide safe my years

    Let all those lonely nights leave
    They misfit into this moment prefect

    And .. my destiny has shone

    Why couldn’t you be away in your shell with your treasures?

    It is now, it was then and it will be forever .. a hope reading your post .. reading the ultimate feelings of a HUMAN.

  2. e7em e7em, howwa meen elly 2al el kalam da?

  3. Thank you ya Bahaa! I do not deserve all those nice words :)

  4. e7em e7em, it’s me who wrote those lines ya Meto :)

    P.S.: I always write my source whenever I quote from someone.

  5. I am overwhelmed with Romance dear..

    Who could tell the horse whispers would say so much ;)

    A morning full of love to you

  6. It can say much more, but we humans cannot hear everything because we tend to hear with our ears not our hearts ;)

    A morning full of inspiration to you, dear Muse :)

    Thank “YOU” :)

  7. Hard to imagine a better framing for that picture. You said it all!
    The poetry flows sincerely, beautifully, and most importantly, effortlessly. A glimpse of pure magic.

  8. My blog is honored for having you as one of the commentators, my dear N friend :)

    No words can do fair this photo! You know, some photos actually “speak”! This is one of them. I just wrote the few words my heavy hearing could capture :)

    However, I cannot feel but immense happiness you think it is “a glimpse of pure magic” :))

    Thank “you”!

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