Posted by: Mermaid | May 25, 2009

Sand and Sea*

Strange, how those raging waves coming ahead from the horizon, so strong and high, melt into silky caresses gently hitting the shore..

Water rushes slowly, smoothly, barely touching the thirsty surface..

I bet the sand is so in love with the sea …


*By Nahla El Shaarawy




  1. Since I am not the writer of these lines, then I think it is my right to comment on them :D

    Ya Nahla, when I first read these lines when you sent them to me, I instantly googled them to know what book it is so that I get it 3alatool. And when you told me that it was you who wrote those inspiring lines, I was very happy to read something you wrote and also very disappointed because there’s no book for me to get and enjoy (grrrrr… ha3odek!). Seriously, I was so touched deep within when I read these lines… they are soft and putting so much life into my very dear sea and sand :)

    Thank you! :)

  2. Ya Doodz, Thank “you” for hosting me in your cozy warm place ! :)

    A beautiful day to you

  3. hmmmm…. that was… light… :) Loved it@
    Good work ya Nahla… tab yalla 3ayzeeen aktar ba2a!

    Your piece actually reminded me of something I wrote yeaaarsss agooo…. about the sea shore bardo keda… thought different… but it was the first thing that crossed my mind….

    CHeck it out here:

  4. Wow! That was really something. Beautiful!

  5. Thanks so much Rou! :) – I checked out your piece. An interesting approach to waves vs shore!! Didn’t think about it this way before.. Thanks alot for sharing!

    Juka – Thank you very much!

  6. ma3lesh bara el mawdoo3 bas heya juka heya Ingyyy Juka
    te3rafeeha mneen ya doodz

  7. Juka is Inji yes, is it your Inji, maybe?

    I like the sea/ocean too. I find it a fascinating source of inspiration.

    Mermaid: Do I know Nahla?

  8. It is actually Willy (Walaa Monir) who wrote this comment… not Nahla. El blog beykharaf sa3at :) She said you’re a friend of a friend (Nora) :)

  9. LOL! In that case, yes Willy, your JUKA :D

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