Posted by: Mermaid | June 15, 2009

One Hundred and One Arms

Modified Flowers1


I have

One hundred and one arms.

I stretch them all

Open to the caressing sun rays,

To the smiling, wondering looks in your eyes.


I have

One thousand and one lips

Spreading joy and bliss in the air,

Breathing into you light and care.


I have

One heart

Tender and daring

Happily declaring

“Love Prevails!”


  1. ya doodz eh el 7alawa deeeeeeeee :D

    i love the ending when you say “I have one heart …” so amazing!!

    and i give you one million and one kisses :******

    love you doodz

  2. And I hold you with my one hundred and one arms :D And I keep you deep in my one heart :D

    Love you awy awy awy :D

  3. Sweeeeet! As usual!

  4. Thanksss ya Gjoez :D

  5. So sweeeeet

  6. Thanks ya Samia :))

  7. Simply beautiful and beautifully simple!! Really nice ya Mayada! I sooo look forward to meeting you in person!

  8. Yaady el kosoof (blush)!

    Thanks ya Juka begad :)) Tayeb ma yalla :) Invite me 3ala pineapple juice wana haagy 3ala tool :D

    Saba7ek ward :)

  9. Ya Doodz Ya gamed!
    Someone who doesn’t know you would say that you are definetely madly in love! Yalla 2ery w 2e3tarefy, meen sa3eed el 7az elly 2omo da3yalo!

    You made me feel that numbers can have great meanings!

    Love your words and how it transitions me to a nice beautiful pink world….


  10. Ya Moonz :)

    loool… ha3teref aho…. ana ba7eb… ba7eb… ba7ebekkkk :)

    I am glad I could touch your feelings, dear :)

    Bisous :)

  11. Saba7 el tafa2ol :)

  12. Une matinée de fleur (saba7 el ward ya3ny) :D

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