Posted by: Mermaid | July 11, 2009

My Reading Habits

Inspired by Nerro’s post weired reading habits, I decided to write mine :) So, here are some of my reading rituals:

Most of my “deep” readings are done in bed. I prefer reading alone in order to minimize interruptions and also because I sometimes talk to authors like “eih el gamal dah ya Kundera!” which is something would make others declare me an official lunatic for! On my bed, there are always 1-2 books. When I am heading to bed not too exhausted and intending to read, I bring along something nice to drink or chew on like juice or chocolate. It’s like a combo pleasure experience; a good book for my heart and mind and happy food for my stomach :)

I used to underline the lines I like using any pen or pencil until I found out about the colored flags (thanks to Nerro!). I have a database of all the books I have with a very important column; “borrowed by”. Yes, I lend my books to friends because I like to encourage people to read. Of course I stress that I need my books in the same condition I gave them in. In my whole life, I have given away almost five books (besides my adolescence “Ragol el Mosta7eel”). I don’t borrow books. When I do, I don’t read them. I think I get scared of liking the book and not being able to give it back.

I usually read one book at a time unless they’re from two different genres (one poetry and one novel) or different languages. I am a fast reader. If while reading I skip even a word, there would be something nipping at my mind and I am never at peace but when I get back and read the whole line again.

I do not look at page numbers. Whenever I catch myself peaking at them, I know I am bored.

I don’t spend too much money in anything except books. I have unread books that would suffice my needs for the coming two or three years. So, a few months ago, I had a serious stop with myself and took a decision of not buying any books for the rest of the year. I am committed to the decision so far :)

From college days, I still have the habit of reading parts of the English books out loud, something I used to do to fix my accent. One weird habit I miss very much is reading dictionaries! Yes, I used to read Al Mawred English-Arabic during college days and used to enjoy it very much. I think I stopped because there are many, many other books that are snatching me to read them.



  1. Hello,

    How are you, Mayada?

    Interesting habits, I can tell we share a lot when it comes to reading!!

    What about e-books??do you deal with them?

    Can you tell me what the colored flags are?

    Thank you!

  2. Hey Oroba,

    Am good el7amdolilla. How are you ya bent?

    La2, I cannot read e-books. But I did listen to a couple of audio books. It was a good way of benefiting from the time wasted in driving.

    For the colored flags, you can check their pictures here:

  3. I underline stuff too! and sometimes i draw smiley faces on lines that make me smile or laugh..people find that very weird…I am glad some1 is like me! :)

  4. Try the colored flags ya Ghandi, they are much easier to point out the parts you like :)

    I do enjoy underlining the parts I like :) But the smilie thing is new… and weird :P

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