Posted by: Mermaid | July 12, 2009

Counting Blessings and Appreciating Failures

Haven’t been writing for some time. Yes, I was too busy but that was not mainly it. It was as if I was afraid if writing because when I do, I pour it all out. Even now, I am considering just closing this page and go watch some movie. What exactly am I escaping from? Mmm… I do not want to know!

Thirty, I just turned thirty. The number sounds… distant! All my friends who turned thirty said they felt nothing. But I feel… something. I do not know exactly what it is. It’s not feeling old or worn out. It’s just a feeling of … being alienated, I think! Suddenly I feel as if there is a layer, a transparent one, between myself and the world. I can see everything still but I am a bit emotionally distant.

Since I cannot really identify the feeling itself, I’ll just drop it and focus on evaluating the past year. A full year, I’d say. I had many gains, thank God. I was blessed by getting close to some people that I cherish the most and hope would always keep in my life. I have also had my share of loss and failure. But I am grateful to that as well because with every loss there was a gain, an unexplored corner of me that was revealed, experience added to my existence.

Do you remember my post about small things? Yes, it’s the small things that I remember from the past year:

A note from Nahla beneath a 1 liter pack of pineapple juice in the morning on my desk (don’t ask who’s Jac.. it’s our secret ;) )

Nahla's Note


It’s Raghda when she checks on me with a concerned “are you okay?” whenever I am feeling down. Her tolerance of my mood swings.

It’s the feeling of deep gratitude for Rou when she always gets me pineapple juice whenever we’re in an outing with friends.

It’s the “I miss you” sms-es from Sola with “I wish we were in my place ordering pizza cheese lovers with salami and mushroom… talk, laugh or even cry together.”

It’s the amazing understanding and love from my work mates (Roro, Nemo, Moonz, Samar, Siksik and Daise) who always stood by me and made me feel appreciated.

A note from Salwa attached to a big pineapple juice pack wrapped in gift paper with red hearts:

Salwa's Note


It is the unconditional support (medical and emotional :) ) I’ve been receiving from Meto.

Nerro’s hugs and girls’ talk that make me feel 15 years old :)

On my birthday, I had some disappointments. Some people I expected would call but they didn’t and others just sms-ed. But on the other hand, I received unexpected calls which left me with a big smile on my face. I received amazing gifts; six of my beautiful girl friends indulged me with a gift from The Body Shop with my favorite scent (I already started using that :) )



And when I thought Meto forgot about my birthday because he didn’t call, I confronted him and he said “no comment” and less than a minute later I found this approaching my desk :)

Meto's Flowers


Raghda wrapped her gift in purple cloth and scattered around it Mars, Lindt and Risen :) This is what I call a gift of love.

Purple Gift


Yet the disappointments were still lingering in my heart till Rou called me on Thursday for coffee after work. How light I feel when I am talking to her… listening to her wise words about how to say things because people could get intimidated by my sometimes blunt way of expressing myself.

Later on Thursday still, Nahla invited me to dinner in a fine Italian restaurant overlooking the beautiful Nile. She went there before me to arrange for some stuff, as I discovered later on. I was speechless when I found purple flowers on our table and a greeting card inside the menu that the neat waiter handed me. All I could say was: “Marry me!” :D (For those who do not know us, we’re both straight. I just couldn’t believe someone would do ALL this for me… taking the extra mile to make me that happy). The evening was nothing less than splendid. At the end of it, I thought of the disappointments I had and I found out that they were all gone with the help of all the efforts that my friends exerted to make me happy. I couldn’t stop a couple of tears from rolling down. I just held Nahla’s hand and said a genuine “thank you!”

To my family and friends, I cannot tell you how grateful I am for what you added to me in the past year; the bliss and happiness of having you near, even the little clashes that made me value you more.

To you, Mermaid… keep counting the blessings and appreciating the failures. Happy Birthday!



  1. Mayada

    (I had many gains, thank God. I was blessed by getting close to some people that I cherish the most and hope would always keep in my life)

    THEY are not adding to you only, THEY also are adding to life while trying to make it a better place to live. THEY knew how to get closer to reality and avoid falseness of people.

    Friends are like stars .. they could be away .. but we never think of our skies without them.

    Happy birthday to you and to your fiends who shared you a true moment of happiness

  2. Thanks a lot ya Bahaa :) I liked very much what you said:

    “Friends are like stars .. they could be away .. but we never think of our skies without them.”

    Very true :)

  3. :D May you always get the best of everything my sweetest Samaka. You simply deserve the best.
    I like the fact that we can always be grownups yet we don’t grow old :D cherish that.

  4. Amen to that, dear Nerro :)

    Yes, grow-ups with children’s hearts :D

  5. we are older but not wiser, for in our hearts the dreams are still the same, happy birthday……. may this year bring youuuuu the best of what life has to offer

  6. Happy Birthday!!

    You really do have amazing friends and family, and you are nothing but right when you count them among the blessings!! you and they are a proof that there is still good people on earth!!anyway if I go to Egypt..will I be allowed to join your gang??!! are 30 now…do u feel like it is an end to an era..and a beginning to a new different era??!!

    Do you think all these lovely great persons and things you listed above will keep you away from answering that question :”What exactly am I escaping from?” ??!!!

    I wish you a very long life. full of happiness and achievements!!

  7. mmmm… I do not know, Askandarani! Sometimes I feel I am wiser, and some other times I feel I am as naive as I was 10 years ago.

    Thank you very much for the wish :) Ya Rab :)

  8. Thanks ya Oroba :)

    Yes, family and friends are the blessings of my life el7amdolillah.

    Ta3aaly enty bass and I’ll introduce you to most of those people :) And you’re already one of the gang, dear :)

    I think… yes… feel it is the end of an era…. but not sure if it is the beginning of a new one!

    I’ll cunningly escape your paragraph about “what exactly am I escaping from?” :)

  9. Happy birthday to you dear.

  10. Thanks a lot ya Samia :)

  11. Nice blog with a very nice and attractive title “Counting Blessings and Appreciating Failures” Enjoyed going through it. Keep it up the good work.

  12. Thanks a lot, Beth :) Hope you enjoyed the read :) Visit more often :)

  13. The best gift you have ya Mayyada is people’s love. Matetla3sh men Meto sa7? Believe me the isolation I am in is only because I want to enjoy the love that people give me without being annoyed by those who cannot do the same.

    May all your years be filled with achievemnets and may Mayyada be always “satisfied” with you wet7ell 3annek shwayya la7san 7’anee2a bshaaaaaaaaaaakl, ya sater :)

  14. This is true; the best gift I have is people’s love. And I am blessed :)

    You know what, some strange thought occured to me now; for years I had almost “NO expectations” from anyone. But in the past two years, because I was surrounded by such a beautiful company, I started expecting things from people! You know, it’s as if I grew softer! I think I just need to learn to l love, enjoy being loved and leave expectations out of the equation.

    Emshy… Mayada is folla not khan2a :P

    Can never thank you enough, dear… NEVER :) May I always be blessed with your friendship :)

  15. I am one of the bad ones :( (who just sms-ed) right?

  16. I am grateful you sms-ed, dear :)

  17. […] was last year’s birthday post. Last year’s resolutions were: be gentler with yourself, lose the extra 7 kg. I became […]

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