Posted by: Mermaid | August 18, 2009


هي: تحمل له دوماً في حقيبة يدها دايت سويت لأن “دمه زي العسل فا مش محتاج سكر زيادة” كما تقولها للآخرين بإبتسامة عريضة بدلاً من أن تخبرهم بأنه مريض بالسكر.ا

هو: “مكان مافيهوش تدخين” يقولها للنادل عندما يكون معها على الرغم من أنه مدخن، لأنه يعلم كم هي ضعيفة رئتيها.ا

تأكل “نص بطن” مع الأولاد. يأكل “نص بطن” مع زملاء العمل. يأكلا نصف البطن الآخر معاً.ا



  1. Simple, Sweet, Cute and Heart-felt :)

  2. :) very sweet

  3. Thank you ya banat :) Rabena yekhaleeko :)

  4. I like! :)

  5. eah el gamal da !!! : ) this is the real Love …

  6. Very sweet ya Mayo, I smiled about the other half of their stomach, the first smile in a week :)

  7. Mega, thanks ya fandem :)

    Dina, yes, this is real love that lasts for a long time :)

    Meto, dear, making you smile makes me happy more than writing this piece does :)

  8. This is soooooooooo sweet. I want to be inlove just like that :)

    ana 3awza men dah ya 7ozonbol :D

    PS: Gjoe was the reason for me stopping by your blog.

  9. Ahlan ze2red :D (the nickname is hilarious :D)

    Am very happy you liked it :) Wallahy kolena 3ayzeen neb2a involved keda :)

    P.S.: do not believe everything Gjoes says about me ;) (she’s just a sweetheart :) )

  10. i’m glad u liked the nickname, i love it so much to an extent that sometimes i feel weird when i’m addressed by my real name (which is Sara by the way :))

    i didn’t ask gjoe about u yet, but you make me want to know everything about u, so i’ll do as soon as i see her :D

  11. Eh el piece el maktouba lel nas el sambateek di .. Enty taba3an 3arfani, ana 7akol batn w nos ma3 el 3eyal, w batn w nos ma3 zomala2 el 3amal, w etnein batn ma3ah :D

    I like the sugar part !! I love your piece ya bent!

  12. looool ya Nahla :D :D :D tab3an maho el daznanoor elly gowa 3ando 25 batn :P

    Thank you, dear :)

  13. Cute awi & touching ya doodz :)

    3aizeen ne2ra 7agat kteer b2aaaaa!

  14. ya dodzzzz, I LIKEEEE:):) It is too short but to the point awy awy.

    I ADORE when you write romantic stuff.:):) bakon 3yza a3yattt…….loooooooooooool

  15. tfaseel msh bla2y nas kteer tefhmha aw t7sha…it shows u ezay ama bt7by 7ad btshofy 3yobo momayzat aw kararty tshofeha kda w btatakableha awy awy…bs meen yefham??great piece y dodz…by the way el7ob leh swar kteer ana a7eb at7ab belsora deh w hya el2htmam beltfaseel elso3`anana w elgamela deh

  16. Merci ya Nemo :) Wakhda balek enohom married? ;)

    Ya Roro, tayeb I’ll stop writing romantic stuff in order not to make you cry :P

    Yes ya Riri, love is about the small details, the caring, not the passionate fiery love that fades away after a while. This is a love that lasts a lifetime.

  17. Very sweet and touching really. Loved it it really feels like this is the love that would last a life time :))

  18. Emra2a men zaman el 7ob ya doodz

  19. mafeesh el akhla2 deih delwa2ty:)

  20. Thanks ya Randa :) Yes, it’s a lifetime love :)

    Ya Siksik el blog etkahrab… asdy nawar :D I believe there are still some people like this but they don’t do propaganda about their love :)

  21. Wow !!..this is liiiiiiiiiiiife :)…and that’s how to be
    lived ! :)

    coooooooooooool:) ya Mayada

    Keep on shinning my sweetie::)

  22. True, this is life :) Thanks a lot, Dr. Aida :)

  23. Allah ya Doodz , di gamda 2wy. I really like it :)))

  24. Thanks a lot ya Candy :) Menawwara :)

  25. Heyy.. it is lovely.. and so heartfelt.. I’m touched. You made it seem so real. I was actually wishing it wouldn’t end :)

  26. Very touching ……. They are simply in LOVE. Thanks

  27. Juka, life is full of such “simple” situations. It’s just that our vision is distorted by what the media tells us how love should be!

    Betty, thanks a lot :)

    May our lives be always filled with love :)

  28. This is very true! “our vision is distorted by what the media tells us how love should be!”
    We’ve been brain washed to see love, happiness, romance, beauty, and other concepts like how they showed it on movies and magazines.
    May we all be blessed with the ability to see the “real” bit :)

  29. Amen to that, dear :) We just need a clear vision and fresh perspective :)

  30. ana 3ayza mn da :(

  31. Wallahy ya Sola kolona noreed men dah :D

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