Posted by: Mermaid | August 25, 2009

Reflections: On Change

Generally, I am not an advocate of change. I feel restless and uncomfortable when I change anything (with the exception of very few things). I usually grow emotionally attached to my inanimate possessions. Recently, I had to change mobiles. In the process, I found a wealth of smses; numerous ones from Rou simply reading: “I love you!”, from Meto thanking me for something or telling me he cried from one of my stories, Nerro and the unexpected “How are you ya samakayty?” that truly makes my day, Sola with her “I miss you” that makes me miss her even more than I already do. I first wanted to move all those messages but then thought why do I need to? I already have the people and their love. I do not need a few lines to remind me of what I have. I took a deep breath and did it; I deleted over 570 messages; some of which came from people I talk to no more, and others from people that are still blessing me with their presence in my life. Sometimes love vanishes, friendships end, and sparks fade away. But this does not mean that, at a certain point in time, we did not enjoy that special moment of loving and being loved. For what is here, cease it and enjoy it. For what has passed, don’t cling too much to it. This is just “life”!


  1. Hey my Mayada!..i assume and u are falling in melancholy these days!..but it has a sweet taste not bitter!..
    whenever i feel distant..i come by ur page to sigh by a mate!

    Hope u could come over by listen to my sighs!
    then i could lay my aged head onto ur sparkling soul to witness a new life mingled in two generations!

    I ll be pledged by ur visit and comments if u drop by.

    I really enjoy reading those posts of urs!

  2. Mayada: I just switched phones too :) I wish I could tell you I was that deep or remotely that profound about the transition. Yet for all its worth I do hope your new inbox rapidly fills with hundreds of new heartfelt messages from friends and loved ones.

  3. Hey Dr. Aida :) Am glad my home here can be a shelter for you from time to time :)

    I will definitely pass by your home, too :) I am sure it is a treasure :)

    Juka, thank you soooo much for the beautiful wish :) Howa lessa ma7adesh 3abarny except MobiNil: “Enjoy 50% dicount on the new Nokia E75” :D But I am sure love msges will come soon filling my inbox. I am just so blessed with wonderful people :)

  4. mabrooooooooook ya doodz 3al new mobile :D yetraba fe 3ezek ya okhtchy :P

    I have to confess that I’m a bit too “clingy” when it comes to msgs on my phone or emails that I received a long time ago. Whenever I feel nostalgic to a certain time period or to a certain person, I go back to reading them. I do not delete things unless I know for sure that I no longer need them to give me comfort.

    Sometimes it’s those few lines that give you strength to go on :)

    But I agree when you say “For what is here, cease it and enjoy it. For what has passed, don’t cling too much to it.”

    I guess my inbox needs a lil bit of spring cleaning! :D

  5. loool… Allah yebarek feeky ya Sola :D 3o2bal 3andek yum Esma3eel :P

    I used to be “clingy” too ya Sola… but for some reason, I just started letting go of what could be a source of pain, grief or lament.

    Yes, give your inbox a bath ;) But don’t delete my msges :D

  6. on a totally diffrent note, what mobile did u get?

  7. :))

    Samsung D980. It will be convenient and practical if you have 2 lines.

  8. mabrook ya samakaya :D
    you know am pro change, however, in this particular case, I have to admit..that the deleting messages moment is the hardest. I am one of those who through her inbox for the sake of happy thoughts when things get a bit blue.

  9. Allah yebarek feeky ya Narnoura :D

    Yes, deleting msgs is hard I have to admit. I, too, revert to my inbox (mobile and e-mail) when I am feeling blue and in need for some comfort and assurance of people’s love. But I think I just knew that my inbox will fill up again with msgs from close ones (which already started :) ) and those whom I lost contact with or grew distant from, I lived the moment when we were close, am grateful for this, but I do not like clinging “too much” (maybe just a little ;) ) to those moments.

  10. ya nahary 570 smses!!!

  11. I think they were close to 600 :D I had this mobile for two years and 2 months fa it is 7aseelet el fatra deeh :)

    Btw, they did not include the “call me, thanks” smses… most of the 600 smses were meaningful :)

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