Posted by: Mermaid | August 25, 2009


Maybe if you lose your individuality, if you just go on with the current, if you live faceless, you’ll be happier! But can you?!


  1. no u can’t…especially u ya doodz…u’re a mermaid determined to swim against the current :)

  2. I wonder if this is a bless or a curse! But it’s just the way I am… can’t change that… and not sure I want to. I sometimes.. just wonder.

  3. No dear, one can’t and will actually not be happier.. one will be lost and terrified.
    So hang on in there

  4. Am dead sure u can’t Myd :)… otherwise u wont be
    that identical, unique person and artist!

    Hang on to ur real self…no matter how ..or what :)

  5. You’re probably right ya Nahla!

    Thank you, Dr. Aida :) I’ll try to hang on :)

  6. You won’t. You can’t live like this unless u’re blindfolded.

    I love that novel u’re reading :)

  7. Hello Maroon :)

    Obviously I cannot fe3lan!

    I am enjoying “To Kill a Mocking Bird” very much, too :)

  8. Oh it’s gonna be better, I assure u! I really miss that novel!

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