Posted by: Mermaid | October 14, 2009

Beautiful Crying

A few days ago, I read this and I could not stop thinking about it. Then a few moments ago I remembered when that special person from the past used to tell me how I looked absolutely beautiful when I cried – something that stunned me at first because I always thought I looked so horrible with my reddish nose and wet eyelashes. I just could not understand how he saw me beautiful then. Was it love? Or there is something magical about crying? I think it is both, no? Love makes you see things in your partner that s/he doesn’t see in her/himself. And crying brings out the soul; no reddish nose or curled mouth is seen. The soul with its distress and vulnerability are brought to the foreground to show how much we’re in need for others, and how much we’re all beautiful from within even though we sometimes put gray shades on this beauty. But it is still there. And it takes something as powerful, yet simple, as crying to bring it to the light.

When you feel like crying, don’t hold it back. It melts the masterfully built masks we constantly wear to look all very strong and invincible.



  1. a crying woman gingerly touches a cord in man, one that has everything to do with him being supportive and appreciated at the same time, it’s like his role in existence is utterly fulfilled.

    besides, for me personally, I always get emotional because life can really be cruel sometimes, and to see it in a beautiful face ba2a, well, one word: wow!

    Wait for Noha the sequel btw, it’s in my head.

    Thanks for the ping :)

  2. Hey you .. now you are THE ONE I used to know, the psychologist mermaid who utters her soul out.
    And YES, crying is the most touching feeling for those who sees what is beyond the melting teardrops as (crying brings out the soul).
    It is not yet love only that emerges when we see a crying human being .. it’s compassion, tenderness, eagerness to see the solid body in its weak point and it’s love to share sympathy.
    Beautiful crying as you said is an aspect of sadness for any reason, and sadness, as I once said, is getting people closer and closer for a hidden reason which I conceive to be breaking the distances and walls erected between us.
    And, crying is not a general habit for babies or females .. doctors say those who do not cry for any reason are missing a natural aspect of their construction .. it could be for those who needs to be feel human.
    I force myself to cry .. and I pay a little effort indeed doing this, and if crying is not for me or for others, then I cry to feel my heart .. to feel human.

    Thank you Mayada
    Thank you for beautiful crying

  3. Ibrahim,

    Well, I guess you’re right in your explanation. But I wonder if all men think this way!

    “Gingerly” put a wide smile on my face :)

    I am eagerly looking forward to the sequel :) And I want to tell you that I am enjoying you blog awy :))


    Long time :) Hope all is well :)

    Yeah, I agree, it is not only love. It is compassion and tenderness. But in my post I tried to link between crying and other’s seeing the weeper beautiful. See?

    Yes, sadness draw people closer. True!

    Thanks for the thoughts ya Bahaa :)

  4. Thanks Mermaid, I’m flattered :)

  5. And don’t forget, men are always weak in front of a crying woman ;)

  6. Yes, true :) And I think the weakness is doubles when it’s the woman they love :)

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