Posted by: Mermaid | October 16, 2009

Lighter-Colored Eyes

For some reason, Pecola from The Bluest Eye by Tony Morison is haunting me these days. She was a black child who wanted to exchange her eyes for blue ones – metaphorically, a desire to change her identity. I always wanted to have “lighter-colored” eyes. Do I want a “lighter” identity? Is it weighing down upon me? I think it is! I need to let go of the so many worries and thoughts that burden my mind and heart. I need to be less obsessed with plans, crazier, and more accepting of people as they are without trying to change anything in them.

I would give my heart away… for a fresh one.



  1. I only agree about “not trying to change them” as for the rest, hmmm keep them lamma nshoof eh elly haye7sal :P

  2. As for this, I am posting something about it :) Remember the conversation we had about that particular point? :)

  3. tab3an i dont remember, howa ana mo7’y daftar? ba3den i have all kinds of conversations about all kinds of topics, and usually your conversations evaporate as soon as they end :P

    Miss you wallahy mesh la2y 7ad to tease

  4. Ya salaaaam!! Ba2a my conversations evaporate?! You’re dead meat :P

    And I cannot find someone to tease me… and I cannot believe I am missing this :)

  5. Tab3an ya benty you do miss it I know


    Take care and come back soon

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