Posted by: Mermaid | October 19, 2009

Love Note

Painting by Saif

This is one of the “I love you” notes that my very much adorable 7-year old nephew Saif creates for me :) He left me this one on my pillow :)

P.S.: “Miss Mayada” because I teach him English :)



  1. I didn’t know you are that beautiful till I see the drawing of Seif :))

    Even when he draws your face he depicts the image of a heart

    Hope he wouldn’t spread it out in his classroom, then you’d get the children sing you the Miss Mayada’s anthem ..

    we are unique and stronger
    Miss Mayada is our beholder

  2. that was lovely :)

  3. Bahaa,

    I am beautiful because he saw me beautiful :)

    lool… the anthem… fadaye7 :D


    Yes, isn’t it? :) Thanks :)

  4. I loveddd the drawing .. begad to7fa.. You must be the greatest teacher everrr :))

  5. Shofy ya Randa :) El walad fanaaaan :)

    Hahah, I don’t think he’d agree on the “best teacher” part… specially when I give him “quiet time” ;)

  6. This is so sweet because it’s pure, innocent and sincere!

  7. I think it wouldn’t have been that innocent and sincere had it come from a grown up :)

    Thanks for passing by :)

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