Posted by: Mermaid | November 8, 2009

Someone to Walk with

It is 2:00 AM. And I am working.. and probably still have 3 hours of work! The buzz of the water pumper is deafening. I do not want it to rain now. I want it to be cold… like 12 C cold. I want to put my coat on, my light coloured scarf around my neck, tuck my hands in my pockets, wear my high heels boots and walk in the old, empty streets of Cairo. I do not feel like talking. I want to be alone or with someone who would not find my silence unbearable.

I am needing love, and I am fearing love. I got used to my being alone that I am sick of it.

Mmm… It is not needing love per se. I need someone to walk with. Yes, someone to walk with. To silently walk with. Someone whose sheer presence is enough to give me strength, hope and light. Someone whose very normal “just thought of saying saba7 el foll” sms is enough to make me endure whatever comes from the world. Someone whose rhythmic sound of breathing soothes away all the horns and shrieks that fill my ears throughout the day. I used to say: “I want someone to care for, love and even fight with.” Now, all I want is to sit beside someone, rest my head on his shoulder and exhale.


  1. Ode to Companionship :D

  2. Chapeaux begad :))

    This is actually my very own dream I couldn’t even put it better myself if I wanted to.

  3. Nerro… sigh! :)

    Randaz… I think it is turning into matlab gama3y :)

  4. ps: you have no idea how uplifting was your morning message.

  5. P.S.: You have no idea what this note is doing to me. I am like :D :D :D :D :D :D

    Ya Rab dayman, Printheth :D

  6. haaaaaa, winter.

  7. YES, the long longed for season!

  8. السلام عليكم يا بحرية

    ليتني كنت معك ماشيا في شوارع القاهرة ونحن نتحدث عن كل همومنا وآمالنا و لكن والحمد لله أنا متزوج من واحدة تشبهك كثيرا سادعو لله ان يمنحك واحدا مستقيما يتفهم كل ما تتفهمه زوجتي العزيزة الصديقة

  9. well said ya habebti,,as I told nothing is keteer 3ala rabena,,
    ya rab يوعدك باللى يستاهلك
    with all my heartly felt good wishes

  10. (: يا طير.. وعليكم السلام

    ربنا يديمها نعمة عليك :) أنا عجبني أوي “زوجتي العزيزة الصديقة”:) ربنا يكرمكوا.

    :D أنا سعيدة قوي إنك لسه بتتابع مدونتي


    Amen to that, dear :)

  11. You’d wait for how long??

  12. I’m hopeful :)

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