Posted by: Mermaid | November 19, 2009

To Sudan.. and back (II)

17th Oct., 2009

Atbara (north), I was not very excited about going there because they told me the weather is hot and there is nothing to see there but the Nile. But I found out that it is not just the Nile. Some of Atbara’s streets have Beautiful leafy trees which reminded me of Maadi – except that the former is much wider. They have all kinds of trees – tall, short, big, small, neat and trees that forgot to comp their hair :) Then off we went to the Nile – the widest I saw! And on the other side, it’s ALL green. We all sat on the bank and had a fruity breakfast and gabna (traditional Sudanese coffee) – peacefully blissful. Reluctantly, I left to finish today’s work and told my colleagues that we will be heading to the Nile when we are done. (Side note: I wonder if people do what I want because they love me, they are nice or because I am demanding!)

When we were done with our work, it was around 45 mins before sunset. Before leaving the hotel, I heard some buzz among the women I was working with, amazed looks on their faces. And the reason was that it was RAINING (YES!). It NEVER rains in October but I think when you want something bad enough, and you wish for it with all your heart, it just happens :) “Yalla yalla, we have to run to the Nile” was my hurrying voice. It was not raining heavily and the mighty river had small, running waves. I sat there, enjoyed the little dusty and rainy storm. Then a police officer dismissed us from the bank because it was almost dark. We strolled in the wide streets enjoying the mild rains and the big, old trees. We found a modest café where we sat and ordered gabana again. Then it started raining heavily. My colleagues took some shade while I sat, opened the palm of my hands, rested them on my knees, and closed my eyes. When my clothes became soaked, I felt that shiver that I miss so much. I remained silent and listened with my heart to what rains had to tell me.

18th Oct., 2009

A quick review of Atbara trip made me reach the conclusion that I am not a dull, boring person after all :) I like exploring new stuff (I rode “tok tok” for the first time in my life!), I absolutely enjoy seeing new places but two things have to be secured to have peace of mind and heart for me; safety and insects-free places. Well, I have to admit I was very restless and almost terrified in the “tok tok”; had to clutch to the back of the front seat imagining that I’ll fall off the open sides at any moment but luckily the experience went well. In fact, the second time I rode it, I enjoyed the open vehicle compared to the imprisoning cars. Now I am thinking how would it feel like going to work every day by bicycle!


  1. Lovely description of Atbara indeed

    Yet you missed telling us “what rains had to tell” you :)

    And, I’d go for the third .. YES, you are demanding :)

    Welcome back

  2. I so want it to rain over Cairo now! lovely posts :)

    p.s. if ‘Noha’s post ..’ is what I think it is, then you can’t imagine how flattered I will be!!!

  3. Thanks ya Bahaa :) And what is told between a mermaid and rains remains a secret :)

    e7em… well, I am demanding :)

  4. Ibraheem,

    I so want want it to rain bardo now! Have you ever experienced rains in a cold winter night in your balcony at 3 AM? (SIGH)!

    It is what you think it is :) Specifically, “Secrets – I & II”.

    P.S.: She’s driving me crazy! (Don’t tell her I said that!)

  5. السلام عليكم:

    ما كتبته من تفاصيل عن رحلتك الى السودان تدفعني الى الابتسام…(و الحسد
    كمان..لاني بحب السفر و مش قادرة اسافر).

    .السودان مش من البلاد اللي كنت حاطاها على قائمة الدول اللي حابة ازورها..بس الحاجات اللي ذكرتيها..النيل و الشجر..و ..القرود..تخلي الواحد يعيد النظر..تنصحينا بكدة؟؟!!

    مممم..تفتكري لو كنت في السودان الاسبوع اللي فات..كان حيحصك ايه؟؟!!

    ايه رأيك بالموضوع عموما؟؟!!

  6. إزيك يا عروبة،

    أنا كمان باحب السفر جداً. نفسي أروح كل حتة في الدنيا.

    بالنسبة للسودان، بصراحة أنا مانصحش بيها كوجهة للسفر. مافيش حاجات كتير تتشاف. اللي ذكرته في التدوينتين هما تقريباً كل حاجة موجودة هناك. نيل أسوان أجمل بكتير من نيل السودان (ده مش تحيز خالص على فكرة).

    مش عارفة لو كنت في السودان الأسبوع اللي فات كان ممكن يحصل إيه! بس اللي أنا عارفاه إني رغم إني مارحتش لكني حاسة بغضب رهيب وعايزة حقي وحق الناس اللي إتهانوا هناك! اللي حصل هناك ده إسمه قلة أدب وهمجية!

  7. انا رايح السودان شهر 9 الجاي احتمال ابدا بيزنس هناك
    سؤال رفيع هوا انا كمصري محتاج لفيزا للدخول يعني سفاره وكده ولا على الوصول وخلاص :)

  8. آخر مرة رحت كان من حوالي 3 شهور وما كانش فيه فيزا للسودان :)

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