Posted by: Mermaid | December 4, 2009

“I Love you, Most Ardently”*

He drew one step closer. She most defiantly raised her chin and said: “Nothing will lure me into falling for you, sir. Not your coarse hands that hold mine protectively while dancing, not your firmly closed lips that turn soft when you speak to me, not your narrow eyes whose corners shine when you lay them upon me, and most certainly not the way… not the way you look at me now.”

He did not reply to her heated speech. He drew one step closer, raised his hands and wrapped a lock of her curly red hair around his finger. “I am aware of my resistible charms to your fortressed heart. But there is a riddle that my mind cannot solve and perhaps you can help me with it, dear ma’am.” He released the rebellious lock of fire and put his hands in his pockets. He looked taller and more filling of the space in the room. His hair that laid carelessly on his shoulders almost distracted her but his eyes would not allow her to unlock hers from his sight. “Well,” he said with an amused tone, “I cannot seem to understand why your delicate hands chose to send me messages of temptation against your proud will. And I am sure there is a reasonable explanation for the somber look on your face while dancing with me despite the fact that you are quite known for your courteous smile. And I still find some difficulty in fathoming why, in discussing any topic among people, you chose to reveal a strong opinion although it gravely opposes fashionable conducts for young women – mmm… perhaps thinking that this would pose you as an intimidating lady.” He bent a little, held her cold hand and placed a gentle kiss upon it before whispering with soft, penetrating words: “The most beautiful intimidating lady I have ever seen.”

She thought of several things to do; she could possibly grab the nearby vase and give it the honor of smashing his undefeatable arrogance, she could also draw meaningless lines on his skin with the needle she was working with on her canvas before his unwelcomed intrusion, her favorite was to imprint her five fingers on his warmly smiling face. She crossed the very few inches separating their bodies, raised her other free hand… and put back that loving astray lock of hair that teasingly rested on his amiable forehead.


*The title is from Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.



  1. I almost felt the slap, thank God she was distracted! *gasp*.

    I loved it :)

  2. That was close, wasn’t it? ;)

    Thank you :))

  3. i like ur writing style

  4. Thanks :) Hope to see you hear more often :)

  5. 7elwa awi awi awi begad :D

  6. I knew a fan of Austen would like this piece ;)

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