Posted by: Mermaid | December 19, 2009

Validation – Open your Eyes!

The video speaks for itself. I just want say something; some might say: “But it won’t be genuine if we keep praising and complimenting others.” This is it! It won’t be genuine because we chose to shut out eyes to the beauty of others. Nobody is completely horrible; there MUST be some beauty in everyone. We have to open our eyes to this beauty, bring it to the foreground and make the person aware of it because we usually tend to forget we are beautiful. So, everyone, just open your eyes :)


Special thanks to Gjoez for drawing my attention to the video and to IBHOG for the mesmerising post :)



  1. Special Thanks to you for being such a wonderful friend and a great blogger :)

  2. Haha! It is snowing in your blog, I like the compromise for you personal wishes for it to snow.. I can envision you think, well if it can’t snow out there, at least i can make it snow in here :D

    Say3a ;)

    Wait, walla homma elly bey3mlooha lewa7dohom 3ashan it’s Christmas time?

  3. aaaand you just wrote one amazing quote, as usual :)

    Mesmerizing? begadd? thanks Mermaid, you really made my day. :)

  4. Ya Gjoez, one is not a good person without other good people around her/him :) Thank you for seeing this in me, dear :) (Kiss)

    Ama 3an “great blogger” fa I would agree more about “lazy blogger” :) Rabena yekremek :)

    Shofty el snow on my blog :D I almost jumped with happiness when I activated this feature :))) You know when I want something mabat-haddesh ella lama a3melo :D

  5. Ibraheem, I said “mesmerising” because I could not find the word that would really describe your post. I started reading it.. stopped .. read men el awel tany… then reflected shewaya… then read forward… then re-read some lines. And fel 2akher I could not write a proper comment! :)

    You made not only my day and night :) but also many other’s days and nights :) Thank YOU for the thoughtful words :) You are naas kewayeseen fe ba3d :D

  6. I’m sorry to disappoint you all but I found the video very silly and unrealistic, I couldn’t even complete it!

    I prefer if everyone were frank rather than complimenting, and one of our worst vices in this country is not being genuine and throwing comliments all the time when we don’t mean them at all!!!

    Plus, why should I “search” for the hidden good things in people? If they are not obvious to me then ok, no problem, the world is full of trillions of people whose good is obvious. And why is it wrong to percieve some people as bad? Why should I percieve everyone as good in the first place?

    Realistically, everyone of us is a mix of good and bad, and it is always very subjective. Some people might be percieved good by a person and percieved as bad by another, finally it’s up to you to decide what is good and what is bad. Sometimes you know that a person has something in him that you find as “horrible” and having this thing in him makes you unable even to exist in the same place, so fine, get him out of your life and save the effort you will be putting in discovering and de layering the hidden good things in him to people who you really love and make them happier!

    I also don’t agree that we should love everyone, love, hate, like and dislike are all parts of human nature and part of what we are, I like the fact that there are people in my life who I dislike, and hate, yes some people I do hate and I tell them this and I’m fine with that…

    Shocking ha? But believe me it is much more realistic than what the video is trying to say.

    Finally, when I meet people like this “hero” in the movie, they get on my nerves and I really get so nasty with them, we tab3an ya Mayo you know when Meto gets nasty…

    Have a lovely day with a “genuine” smile :)

  7. I think this is a great video. Seeing the good in others and acknowledging that good doesn’t necessarily fall under the complimenting category; rather ur being true and “nice.” I mean, for example, most Egyptians are sweet talkers to the point of hypocrisy or dishonesty. This is not what the video is trying to convey. Receiving each new day with a bright smile and passing that on to others is a rare behavior which the clip is trying to encourage. People that way become more productive. In the end, all is good :D

  8. You have not disappointed me ya Meto. This is exactly how I thought you’d react to this video :)

    First, mind you, I would not take your judgement as a fair one because you have not completed the video. You cannot pass a judgement based on partial vision.

    Second, for your “not being genuine and throwing comliments all the time when we don’t mean them at all!!!” this shows you have not read what I wrote beneath the video :P I knew some would say what you said. And I actually agree on your standpoint as a principle; we should not throw complinments we do not mean. BUT (and this is a very big but) this is where I said we should drop “el nazra el sawdaweyya” to others (and to our surroundings in general). And you do not have to look for people’s beauty with “tongs” (a metaphor for beauty being hard to find or “hidden” as you said :)). I agree people are all good and bad together in one body. But we tend to see the bad things only. Fa what I am asking people here is to just OPEN their eyes to the beauty of others and believe me it IS there only if we choose to see it. And what harm would it make to bring it to the foreground, huh?

    The video here is a bit exaggerating just to reflect the idea. I do not think I can go spilling compliments on everyone keda :) But still, I will open my eyes more and just won’t keep it to myself when someone looks nice or acts politely. I’ll just tell them how I feel about it.

    As for your “I also don’t agree that we should love everyone, love, hate, like and dislike are all parts of human nature and part of what we are”, also consider that love itself has degrees of intensity. Ya3ny, of course you love you mom differently from your sisters, and those differently from your closest friend, distant friend, a colleague..and so on. I am not saying we have to “passionately” love everyone. But I think we need to maintain a basic degree of love to everyone. Well, realisticlly speaking, this can be difficult with some people. With those we can “not like” them – not “dislike them” or “hate” them. Got the difference? (I am DEAD sure you disagree with me here :))

    Bass keda :)

    Have a lovely day my dearest friend :))

  9. Lendmeurear,

    I could not agree more with everything you said :)

    Meto, please read what lendmeurear wrote. It’s illustrative of the idea behind the video (the one you have not completed :P)

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