Posted by: Mermaid | December 27, 2009

A Day in a Simple Girl’s Life

The first day of my vacation. December is my second favorite month (July, if you’re wondering). Everything is beautiful in December; people tend to be lighter in their moods, no stickiness or dust, only fine weather, although not cold enough for me. I woke up early to finish something for work in order to take off that task off my shoulders and start my real vacation begad. Mission accomplished, then? Movie? Yes. Which? Browsing… “Definitely, Maybe”. Deal! Breakfast, banana dipped in hazelnut cappuccino. A warm layer of delicious coffee freshly wrapping the moderate sweetness of the banana. The movie was good. Glad I finally managed to watch it. “Bridget Jones’s Diary” (I&II) is haunting me these days. I feel that this movie is a must watch during the late weeks of December. Khalas, I will, I will.

Folklore presentation in downtown? Am not into folklore at all but Rou talked me to it. Motshakereen ya Rou :) Downtown; car or metro? Haven’t ridden the metro for almost 3 and a half years , besides parking in DT is a torture. The metro then. I miss it! It’s one of my favorite means of transportation (my ever favorite is the plane followed by the train). Reached Saad Zaghlool metro station, then off to Makan (where the presentation was). And I was so glad I attended it. Although the topic is not my kind of thing but I just enjoyed it very much. Aliaa Nassar, the presenter, is just full of interesting tales, and the team that helped illustrating the tales was just very talented. They all did one fine job. That was a presentation to remember.

After leaving the place, I looked at my watch and it was still 9:30 PM. Wanna go for a walk? YES! It was a bit chilly but I got warmed up after only five minutes from walking. The streets were relatively empty. I am a fast walker, specially when I am walking alone. I forced myslef to slow down a bit in order to enjoy the lovely weather and the wide streets. A couple of “eih el 3asal dah?!” remarks did not wipe off that content smile off my face. I did not go to the nearby Saad Zaghlool metro station in order to have a longer distance to walk. So, I walked till Sadat station passing by AUC. I had that nostalgic look; three years there starting with my heart getting broken there for the first time by the murmuring fountain, the toil of studying and working at the same time, and still enjoying some musical nights on Wednesdays, ending with a 3.7 GPA and strong handshakes from my professors congratulating me on my creative thesis. Oh, I miss studying. Sigh!

Going down to the metro station and looking at the long way I had to walk to get to the platform, I was grateful I did not put on my new gorgeous high-heels boots (Aywa gorgeous :)) My flat boots were a bit slippery and I was about to burst in laughter several times imagining myself sliding in the air and landing on my back on the ground :D

Ah, am so glad there is a carriage for women only. There was no place to sit, so I happily stood at a corner. I always preferred standing in the metro because it gives me a better chance to observe people.

It is rude to stare at people, you know.
– Am not staring, am just observing.
– Is there a difference?
– Of course there is! Staring is more of intruding but observing is just … observing. Ya3ny not being judgmental, it’s more of trying to understand people through observing their behavior.
– And you’re not being judgmental? (Mocking smile!)
– I am not! (Firm lips).
– Are you sure?
– Yeeeh! At least I try not to be. So, knock it off!
– Khalas, khalas!

After a moment of silence

And what happens after you “observe” people?
– Well, when you observe people, you should be able to understand them more and become experienced in dealing with them.
– “Should”? Does this mean it’s not the case here?
– It seems I’ll never figure people out! They are too illogical for my simple mind.

Reaching my destination station was the end of the conversation between me and myself. It’s not quite close to my house. Walk again? Yeah, why not? I need to walk more often and go on diet to lose the extra 7 kilos. Much more crowded than DT streets but still I enjoyed the walk. Who said before that private cars are bubbles? True! They prevent us from interacting with people and from gaining experience first-handedly.

Home sweet home! Ha, what’s for dinner? Cream, blueberry jam and toast (2allak “diet”! Mocking smile!). And then what can be a better closure to such a meal than a warm cup of vanilla tea? The smell still fills all the corners of my soul till now.

I had a good day, a really good day. Tomorrow, I have some paintings to do (yaaayyyy :D) and might go for a walk in the afternoon. I am also yet to finish my self-evaluation post for this year (ya Rab estor!). But now I feel like singing: “tomorrow tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow, you’re always a day awaaaaaay” :D


  1. I like to observe people as well. It’s a good way to get “introduced” to all the types of people out there whom I wouldn’t normally run into nor encounter through everyday life interactions. It’s not rude; it’s a form of education ;)

  2. Bezzabt! mana I told me keda bardo, but I never listen to me :D

  3. I loved it, it’s simple and sweet. About the remark“eih el 3asal dah?!” it brought memories………………….. thanks a lot.

  4. Thanks ya Samia :)

    I hope they are pleasant memories ;)

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