Posted by: Mermaid | January 5, 2010

Meto’s Initiative – Positive Notes

Today was such a bad day for me on the personal level. However, something happened that turned it all well. In an informal meeting for a small number of people (the Presentations Team – PTP), my dear friend Meto came up with a brilliant thing to do. We were sitting around a table. He gave each one of us a sheet and a pen and asked everyone to put his/her name on top of the sheet. Then when he says “pass”, each will give the sheet to the person on his/her right. With every “pass” we found a different sheet with a person’s name on top of it. We should write one nice thing about this person. And after 12 “passes”, each had back the sheet with his/her own name on top with twelve statements about her/himself. That was VERY nice. It is very spirit lifting and teaches us that we need to think positively about others and to see the good things in them.

Ya Meto, I am proud of you BIG TIME for adopting this way of thinking :) I’ll do it with my team members at work and I encourage anyone who reads this to try it out. It’s such a positive energy booster!

Although it would look boastful, yet I’ll post what people said about me because it is making me feel good about myself – something I need after the self-lashing of the review in December.

  • Very caring and sensitive.
  • I like her British accent.
  • Me too.
  • One of the most sensitive writers and a very good friend.
  • My warm, sincere and passionate friend. I am thankful for having her in my life.
  • The sincere and passionate. Mayada is a “very true” person.
  • Such a source of love, a very Big heart and source of warmth. Very talented.
  • You are a big heart on two feet. Such a warm and deep person. You just radiate warmth :)
  • A very sentimental big hearted person.
  • Very creative.
  • Very sincere and understanding.

There is one comment I did not post because it is too personal, yet it is a comment that made my year :)

To all that wrote the above very nice notes, I hope I am as good as you think. And I am thankful and grateful beyond words… begad!



  1. nice idea! :)

  2. Indeed ya Ibraheem :)

    Saba7 el foll :))

  3. and she is always there before I even ask :D
    I love the approach gedan, and will use it.

  4. How can I not be there for the sweetest person in the universe? :)

    Rabenna yedeem el ma7abba :)

    The approach is amazing… begad you’ll see the difference it makes on people :))

  5. I used this approach before , it’s very useful actually!

    bas sebek enty mafesh agmal min el unpublished comments ; )

  6. It is useful fe3lan ya Dina :)

    E7em… balash e7rag (blush) :)

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