Posted by: Mermaid | January 22, 2010

“The Guy’s Side of the Story”… Really?!

Watch the video first. 

To women, yaady el fadaye7 :D They got our secrets :) But still, we’re too sophisticated and rich to be figured out in a PPT ;) But there is something that we really need to work on; we have to be more direct. We know what we want; we just need to be more direct in asking for it. We do not have to keep it inside. And fe3lan when there is something wrong with us, why don’t we say it straightforwardly?! :) Men’s minds are too simple to read the hidden messages ;) 

To men, you have to be more compassionate! As much as we try hard to be more pragmatic, you have to be a bit emotional. We cannot walk the whole mile alone. We (you and us) have to meet in the middle. And by the way, you are not that direct. Many of you use the “subtle/strong/obvious hints” technique. Also, many of you do not know exactly what they want. Fa, give us a break! Maybe we need to start working on another PPT on men :P



  1. Columbus needed directions, he was heading to India and he ended up discovering a new continent. The discovery doesn’t make up for the fact that he got lost :)

  2. loool… sa7 ya Shaima :D

    I do not know what’s whith men and the absolute contempt for directions :)

  3. it’s so mind boggling though, the fact that when it comes to practice, it’s a whole different story, for both men and women.

    viva la friendship!

  4. True, Ibraheem! It is mind boggling indeed!

    (I had to look “boggling” up :D Our friendship is bettering my English :) I should pay you for this :P)

    Vive l’amitié :)

  5. I liked it a lot :)
    But you know, while I was watching the video, I was saying NOOOOO guys are not so clear anymore … this PPT is needs update :D
    I think they’re the masters of the double messages may be :D
    And I was more than happy when I found this in your blog post: “And by the way, you are not that direct.”

  6. Ayy 7’edama ya Asmaa ;)

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