Posted by: Mermaid | January 30, 2010

Winter, Winter… Why I Love thee?

The coldness you present me, one that makes me hug the nearest person in search for warmth. What about coffee? Yes, coffee! It never tastes the same in any other season. With you, it has the taste of the sweet embrace of a loved one. The long, beautiful nights and the quasi-empty streets where I can enjoy some solitude – something I can never find in the sticky summer nights. Beyond your glooms there is hope, beyond the fogs there is sun. You are subtle, not blunt like summer. You are fresh, with or without rain. You are not just smart. You are generous and strong. You hold us by the shoulder; vigorously shake us just to lull us at the end.

If only I can have more of you!



  1. aaand the prefix ‘quasi’ was added to my vocabulary, we’re even now :d

    About winter, pretend it’s till June pretend it’s till June :d

    I loved the post, especially after today and the drizzle :)

  2. “You are fresh, with or without rain.”
    My feelings exactly, couldn’t have said it better :)

    I love winter and I so miss it :((

  3. Ibraheem,

    Marra men nefsy :D We’ll never be even… your English is MUCH better than mine :D

    Imagine that I pretend winter would last till June and I keep wearing pullovers and coats till then :D

    Meen “drizzle” dah? :P

    Ya Randazzzz,

    Am glad we share the same passion for the beautiful winter :)

    I so miss it too :(

  4. you just wrote what’s I was planning to write about :)) I’m so much in love with Winter … Unfortunately this year it was too short … :)) Nice post Bass bardo I still planning to write mine :)

  5. Yes, this year winter was 3 days bass :(

    Tayeb yalla… am looking forward to reading your post :)

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