Posted by: Mermaid | April 3, 2010

Dubbing Initiative

MBC MAX started months ago this initiative of showing English movies that are dubbed (modablaja) instead of having Arabic subtitles. I was a bit annoyed by this but not greatly since such movies were shown only once a week. Just today I saw an ad on MAX saying they will show a dubbed movie EVERY night!!! For God’s sake! English movies are what make Egyptians okay in English. Even if our pronunciation is not great yet we can communicate a bit with foreigners unlike Turkish people whose English is really not good because almost all the English movies/series shown in their channels are dubbed! Besides, having subtitles also was what made me a fast reader.

I DO hate the initiative!


  1. what a horrible ??

    I`ve hated it too.. not only for the chance of improving my English but , in the piriority , for corruption of the unity of the movie and that disturbance created at your sense when you see american or foreign people talk in Arabic !!

    how can you beleive ?? , how can you enjoy ?? .. specially if it is a good movie .. it was a jok when they show the god father in this manner , and this hollow deep arabic voice seeming marlon brando voice try to make us believe that , Don vito corleone was an arabic man , what a fool !! how do they think ??

    I`ve really enjoyed here ,
    not an active enjoying , but it is this light beautiful feeling of simplicity and beauty .. this light smile for life and for the small delicate things that may make it tolerable despite all diffeculities and disturbances , and despite of it , your blog likes a scent of small beautiful flower , thank you

  2. you can always switch the audio channel and watch the movie in English WITHOUT annoying subtitles :)

  3. Yousef,

    I very much agree! Whenever there’s a dubbed movie, I feel I am watching a movie and listening to another. Two different things! Very irritating! And you feel the laughter and crying are just fake! I have not seen The God Father Dubbed, but I saw Troy and it was mahzala!

    Oh, am flattered :) And am glad you’re enjoying my little sea here :) Thank you very much! You simply made my day :)

    Marooned, ah, I usually do this. But others will take the easy way and keep the dubbed version which will be the reason they won’t better their English :(

  4. So have you noticed that we are the only country that gives much importance to learning a foreign language and not equal importance to our own language and culture?
    Do you know that in China you can’t have a satellite reciever unless you aren’t a citizen?

  5. May,

    It “is” important to learn foreign languages, specially a universal one like English. I admit part of our identity is shaken because we are not placing enough stress on the importance of our own language (you’ll find people thinking highly of a shop with an English name vs. one with an Arabic name). Yet, I do not think this has anything to do with our eagerness to learn English. Ya3ny the problem lies in not giving Arabic its proper weight rather than in giving English much weight.

    Do I make any sense? :)

  6. I do hate this initiative too, but not for the reason you mentioned… if somebody is keen to learn how to pronounce words, he will…

    I rather hate them, becasue I hate anything that is being modablaj… be it a book, a movie, etc…
    becasue I believe that things are better said with the naive language… translations, no matter how accurate they seem to be, always miss something… a taste… a feeling… that only the native language of the piece of work can reflect…

    By the way, this apply on any work with any language… I am not talking about Englihs here…

  7. English movies and songs helped me a lot with my pronunciation and vocab ya Rou. Fa I actually think it is a very effective way to learn English.

    I agree with you that whatever is in its native language has a taste of its own which loses part of its charm when turned into another language. But it is unavoidable in books maslan. I cannot learn French in order to Read some of Kundera’s books :)

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