Posted by: Mermaid | April 6, 2010

“Fry” with Saudi Arabia Airlines

I have heard some good stuff about Saudi Arabia airlines – from mom and others. I heard they’re even better than Egypt Air. Well, I tried them for the first time in my recent flight coming back from KSA. And that was the WORST flight ever! I had a blank paper filled with complaints and dropped it in their “Comments” box. Here is some of what I wrote:

1- This plane is a “FRYING PAN” for God’s sake! The heat is unbearable and I told the hostesses THREE times about it and NOTHING changed. Having a red, sweating face for 2.5 hrs is something I’ll never forget. It is so hot here and the only cold thing on this plane is the tea!

2- You have three NON-Arabic speaking hostesses on a flight from Jeddah to Cairo! Tell me about convenience!!!

3- One of the hostesses is constantly and annoyingly frowning. If she’s PMS-ing, she should stay at home!

4- Hostesses do not listen attentively to passengers. They either skip the passengers’ calls or reply to them while running through the aisle.

That was the first time I fry.. I mean, fly with SA airlines. And definitely, it will be the last inshAllah!


  1. oh lord, I used to love those guys!

    the post is so hilarious though! :D

  2. You know and comment on my posts before me posting them! :P Ana 7assa ennak zare3 ag-hezet tasanot in my blog! :P

    But you know what, just seeing that green pic next to your name in my blog draw a wide smile on my face even before reading anything you wrote :))

    I was not laughing on the plane though :( I was BOILING with anger and high temperature! Had it been within my hands, I would have left the plane in the middle of the flight!

  3. hahaaa :D

  4. e7mede rabena, omal hat2ole eah ba2a law garabty GulfAir!!

    Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaad !!!

  5. Mega,

    Glad it could make you laugh :))


    I cannot think anyone would worse than SA airlines! But thanks for the watch-out. Will definitely avoid Gulf Air as well.

  6. Are you kidding me?!
    I spent all my life with those guys!They are amazing!And true Flight attendees are mostly non-arabs…It’s their policy its either sa3udis or non-arabs…Maybe cause its the 3amora week.Its the hush time over here in KSA.Its okay..if you try them in summer…You wont regret it I assure you!<3

  7. Neisy, yes, it’s 3omra season still this is no execuse! At least not for the insanely high temperature! Begad, you would have hated them!

    It is a stupid policy to have that number of non-Arabic speaking hostesses on such a flight! The airline should take into consideration the language the passangers speak! And I am not talking about myself. My English is okay. I am talking about other passangers who could not communicate with the hosstesses at all – this was frustrating and emabarrassing for them!

    I wrote that complain and dropped it in their “comment” box and I wrote my name and e-mail. If they do not contact me to apologize, then I am not using them again! Why should I give them a second chance when they show no sign of remorse for the awful service I received?!

  8. Never tried them actually, bas howa ay 7ad fel donya a7san men Egypt Air… Remember my Egypt Air Microbus post? :)

    ON another note, I cannot really believe that you did write “If she’s PMS-ing” in a formal complaint! ya day3a! :D

  9. looool ya Rou :D I cannot believe I wrote “PMS-ing” aslan in anything :D But I was too pissed off to watch my words :))) I am glad I could hold my horses and did not scream it in her face :D

    Wallahy Egypt Air is improving! I see it in the passangers’ feedback in the research we do for them. And I see it also in the treatment I get from them. Yes, it is not a five-star service, yet, in most cases, it is a decent one.

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