Posted by: Mermaid | April 10, 2010

A Cup of Tea inside the Clouds


I do not like night flights although I love Cairo from above at night. But through the way, I see nothing but darkness. I particularly like sunrise and sunset flights, they’re breathtakingly beautiful. In a relatively recent flight to Khartoum, I took the sunset flight. It was very relaxing and nice. I tried to read but the scenery outside was just too beautiful to ignore. At a certain point, I found that we were going through the clouds and I literally gasped for air. I felt them going through my lungs, cleansing away the dark spots and leaving parts of their refreshing entity inside me.

Tea arrived. It was not the tastiest cup of tea I’ve ever had. But surely it was the most enjoyable for it was a cup of tea inside the clouds.



  1. Ohhh…reading this post is like having a meditation session…I had a bad day..but reading this cools me down..a sense of peace surrounds me , especially while watching those slides!!

    And that cup of tea..I’ll do anything to have such one!!

    Sorry for the bad english !!

  2. Am glad it made you feel better after the bad day :))

    I wish I could live up there! :)

    Your English is very good. I could not spot any mistake (except that English should have a capital “E” ;) )

  3. amazing… waw
    i can feel i was there enjoying the cuo of tea inside the cloud

  4. I am glad I could transfer the feeling to you ya Layyana :) Thanks! :)

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