Posted by: Mermaid | April 26, 2010

On Movies, Ice-cream, Immigration and you

I woke up around 9:00 AM… this should be a vacation day but I was planning to work for 30 minutes then go shopping before meeting Nahla for a movie. I ended up working for 2.5 hrs.! But for some reason, I do not feel upset from the overload I am having these days. It is taking my mind off things I should not be thinking about. So, no shopping today! Got dressed up quickly and passed by Nahla. “My Name is Khan”… was glad it was still in the cinema. I cried in most of the movie… even the good moments. I do not know if this was because the movie was pretty emotional and touching or because I needed to cry! I think it was both! (I thought of you). I just felt that my head was extremely heavy after the movie and I could barely open my swollen eyes. (I thought how much comfort I’d get if I just rested my head on your shoulders and slept!) I said goodbye to Nahla and headed for Spinney’s to do some shopping for mom. Mission accomplished and the pile of bags lay in my car trunk. Got back to City Stars and treated myself with two scoops from Carvel; coffee and peach. I discovered recently that coffee is one of my top favourite ice-cream flavours. I thought I’d try the peach as I was in an adventurous mood. Yes, this is what people who do not like change (me on top of them) do when they want to do something crazy; they try a new flavour in ice-cream or a new dish in their favourite restaurant! Back to the peach flavour, it was okay. But the best thing about it was that it reminded me of Sola; she’s peachy and cutie :) I do miss her! I got back to Misty (my car) and started heading home with yet a heavy head … and heart (and I thought of you!)

In the evening, I do not feel like doing anything so I just surf the web. I find this article and immediately send the link to Meto. It’s about one of our biggest debates – well, all our debates are big :) The article is definitely worth reading. The author is very clear and organized in presenting his views. I am now less rigid about the idea of immigration… for others, not for me.

I head to bed still thinking of you and wondering when I’ll get you out of my system!



  1. Same feeling here after watching My Name Is Khan ! nice post ya Mermaid and thanks for sharing this article.
    BTW, they mean by “El Shafey ” El 2emam El Shafey??

  2. Thanks ya Dina :) Glad you liked the article, dear :)

    Yes, it is el Imam Al Shafe3y.

  3. eh da ya doodz i just saw this post where u mentioned me :D i’m glad that i reminded u of the “okay” peach flavored icecream :P hehehe peach icecream? mmm that does sound weird! :P

    i miss our movie days :( they were so much fun! wa7shany awy ya doodz :(

  4. Ya Sola you’re the farthest from being “Okay”… you’re EXCEPTIONAL :D

    Double movie Saturday morning :) Those were the day :)

    Miss you gedan ya Sola :(

  5. the most painful thing about the article is that it is very convincing :(…also, abyat el she3r ra2e3a

  6. It is such a great article. Although I have been always rigid about immigration, but I can understand other’s reasons now. But still, not for me.

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