Posted by: Mermaid | May 11, 2010

We Need Prepositions in our Lives

Talking with my dear friend Ibhog was, as always, a pain and a pleasure. A pain because he makes me talk, talk, talk and he makes me listen to myself and then eruption happens; a flow of heavy tears! Then when the tide subsides, what remains is his sweet, caring talk. And I am smiling again. Yesterday we had one of those intense talks where we talked about… almost everything. Then he wrote a line where there was a missing preposition. And the sentence did not make sense (la mo2akhza ya Ibhog :P). Fa I told him: “there is a missing preposition”. And I could almost see that lamp above his head (the one drawn above cartoon characters when they get a brilliant idea). “That’s a perfect metaphor!” He said, “fe preposition na2es fe3lan in life”. I couldn’t get it at first but then the lamp moved above my own head and I said: “I agree :) Life is missing things that we think insignificant (or trying to convince ourselves by this) but those missing things are what make life make sense! We think we have the big things; education, jobs, success… but they just do not make sense if those prepositions are missing! We need to identify our prepositions and do not ignore them but rather keep them close because they are as important and crucial as verbs and nouns!”

Ibraheem, you’re a preposition :)



  1. Mermaid, you’re stealing my breaths!

    I’m overwhelmed, thankful and above all .. very lucky to be your friend =)

    You, dearest Mayada, are one in a million, and you’re a million blessings in one :)

    May God protect your angelic soul, amen :)

  2. I so agree. Life really is missing a preposition and sometimes we can’t even realize what’s missing out.

    I’m glad that I have ppl like you ya Mayo who make my prepositions :))

  3. Ibraheem, I grow speechless before your words :) You have to stop this or… remember what was my weapon? ;)

    Rabena yedeem el ma7abba :)

    Randazzzz, I am glad you think of me this way :)) I thought I am a non-sensical noun la ma7all laho men el e3rab :)

    Rabena yekremek :) You’re beautiful ya Randa :)

    May we always be prepositions that make other people’s lives make sense :)

  4. What can i say? You both are Prepositions to many people, complete strangers like my self who follow your blogs and read for you.

  5. u r blog is a preposition in my life, really i enjoy it, it make me think and dream …thanx

  6. u r blog is a preposition in my life, really i enjoy it, it makes me think and dream …thanx

  7. Samia, thank YOU for the always spirit-lifting comments :)

    Chaima, Rabena yekremek begad :))) Your comment just made my day :))

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