Posted by: Mermaid | May 29, 2010

On Understanding and Acceptance

How many times did you hear “he’s a very understanding person” or “she accepts people the way they are”? What is the meaning of understanding or accepting? Let me take one by one because they’re very different.

Understanding, this is when you “rationally” understand where people come from. For example, I’d understand why some people are mean, because they suffered a lot maslan or they are vulnerable so they act mean in order to protect themselves. BUT, here there is a huge difference between understanding and accepting what they are doing. I understand their behaviour yet do not accept it.

Accepting, this is tricky! Accepting for some is embracing differences, not necessarily changing where they stand. For example, some would accept their friends’ being homosexuals or atheists. They are “perfectly fine with it.” For some of the differences, this is the case with me; like those who work with a different style of management, for instance. BUT, there are certain differences that I am “NOT perfectly fine with.” I would “accept” an acquaintance being gay or a drinker because I can do nothing about this but I do not approve of homosexuality or drinking. I think when it comes to hard core believes, this is when I do not embrace differences.

I hope this is making some sense!

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  1. well said :)
    hmm i think i have the 1rst and the 2nd only when it doesnt concern my feelings ..


  2. wow .. that’s a whole series!

    the chapters in my life that had to do with this!

  3. Cindy,

    Thanks! :) When our feelings are concerned, we do not think rationally khales ;)


    e7em… I read your comment around 6 times… and didn’t understand it :D Mercy on simple-minded people ;)

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