Posted by: Mermaid | July 17, 2010

On Face-veil and Bikini

Two days ago I saw on TV that the French Parliament is looking into a law to ban face-veil (niqab) in France. Then came this man who is pro-this law saying: “I am the victim here! They (the face-veiled women) shut me out.”

Okay, hold on… I’ll go put my bikini on so that Monsieur Victim feels accepted.

The law is approved!



  1. حسبنا الله و نعم الوكيل

  2. I do believe you have the right to at least know who you’re dealing with. My aunt (she lives in the countryside) was talking about it 2 days ago. She said she doesn’t even know her brother’s wife until she comes and talks to her in the street. I don’t like the idea of buying or selling something to a faceless person, or having any interaction with them at all.

    Still, I believe it’s not something you can deal with by laws.

  3. I think nobody has the right to tell anybody how to dress unless there is immense harm done. Ya3ny, you cannot have naked men and women walking down the streets. They should be asked to cover up because by not doing so, immense harm will be done.

    What is the harm done when a face-veiled woman walks by you in the streets? What is the harm done to your aunt when she doesn’t recognize her sister-in-law but when the latter goes to talk to her?

    Face-veiled women have a face. The fact that they “choose” not to show it doesn’t mean they are faceless!

    Boss, I do not feel comfortable buying from or selling something to women who expose from their private parts more than they conceal, yet I still deal with them and interact well with them. I do not give them this suspicious, accusing look that people direct to face-veiled women.

    I am not taking stands pro or against face-veil here. I am just presenting (and refusing) how people deal with it. Why we’re so immensely absorbed with what others wear/say/act and how that makes us feel rather than focus on ourselves and on other important stuff?!

    Yes, it is something not to be dealt with by law. Finally we agree on something :)

    Nawwart el blog :)

  4. hmmmm… you know my opinion in this… “your face is your identity”… :)

    Do you remember that debate on PTP ayam el incidence elyaha last year?

    (I miss you by the way!)

  5. I know, dearest :) Aside from what I think of the face-veil, what I am arguing about here is the fact that nobody has the right to tell anyone how to dress (unless there is massive harm, as in the case of total nudity!). And to do it kaman by law, this is beyond (my) acceptance! This is NOT democracy!

    I miss you too very much! Mesh kefaya safar ba2a badal ma3odek? :D

  6. Mermaid,
    I totally and completely agree with you.
    and it picks on my nerves how people calling for absolute freedom present such cruel anti-freedom opinions regarding face veil.

  7. Rasha,

    Yes, and they call this “freedom”!!! Begad they do not listen to themselves!

    Thanks for visiting :)

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