Posted by: Mermaid | August 1, 2010

A letter from a Man in Love

My Pearl,

Today, I saw three gray hairs on your adorable head while you were sleeping. I patted them and smiled widely. We are growing old together! And I cannot fathom how my happiness with you, my love for you, grows bigger and bigger every day! They say that after a few months or a year of being with someone, dullness settles in. In our seven years together, I anticipated it, even tried to pretend it was there but could not fool myself. Let me try to solve the riddle with you. Why I love you more and more every day?

You look funny when you put down your Turkish coffee cup and I find this dark line on your nose. I wipe it with my thumb. I smile. You smile back. And I love you more.

And when you’re so absorbed in reading a book, I feel jealous. I come closer from behind your back, put my hands on your shoulders and bury my face in your hair. You push away those dark waterfalls away and stretch a soft cheek. I plant a gentle kiss hoping it would grow into a shower of kisses. And I love you more.

When you wake up in the middle of the night, thinking I am asleep, you whisper my name, just my name, place a kiss on my heart and fall back into your sweet sleep. When I am sure you’re in too deep, I whisper your name, just your name, and place a kiss on your bare shoulder. And I love you more.

In full moon nights, our room bathes in scented candle lights. You lay on the floor covered with silver beams before the open balcony and the overwhelming moon. I never intrude in your rituals. I just stay afar, watching you and inhaling you within with the intoxicating aromas. Feeling drunk, I love you more.

I love you more because you’re silly sometimes, furious and loving, snapping, embracing.. because you cry and laugh at the same time, because of your insecurities and your arrogance.. because you’re a terrible cook and an excellent planner.. because your fights with me drive me crazy and your smile lights up my whole world.

Now I know! I know that the riddle and the answer is You!

Forever yours,



  1. My Pearl !!
    These two words can make me cry if anyone called me so !!
    To be continued (as I read the first line only !)

  2. our dear mermaid :)
    thanks for such a beautifully written piece of love, romance & tenderness….. for me it was like a dedcent, refreshing morning breeze mn betoo3 el sa3a 6:30 am

    your pearl is waiting somewhere for you cherie, and looking forward to have this for real ……

  3. And here is her reply

  4. I absolutely loved it ya Mayo .. and I love the “My Pearl” part, never imagined sth to be that expressive. :)

  5. Nizo, I’d melt down :)

    Willy, 6:30 AM? :D I love this time… 2abl el za7ma ;) Thank you very much, dear :) The kiss on the forehead today is one of the best feedbacks I’ve ever gotton on a piece I wrote :))

    Meto, (SIGH!) I did enjoy reading this letter :))

    Zandzzzz, thanks a lot ya bent :) HAPPY you liked it :D

  6. Awwwwwwww

    this made me CRY !

    I absolutely loved it… i want this… I WANT THIS :D

  7. Wallahy ya Batabeet kolona noreed haza :D

    Thank you :)

  8. I sent it to my bf… he made fun of me :D

    that’s a sample of the men we have here :D

  9. looool…. ma32ool keda? :D You should make him pay for this ;)

  10. 7aram 3aleky enty w Meto. Begad ya gama3a, I sometimes think that this kind of love does not exist in real life. I love living in fantasies :) but I don’t want to get dissappointed.

    I believe that it is in the couple’s hands to make it happen and continue, but what are the chances that this would actually happen.

    I know I sound schizophrenic, bas I am torn begad, I want this love and I want to live it, but I don’t want to fall on my neck.

    Thank you for making my heart flutter … it has been a while

  11. Moonz, you among all people know it does exist… at the bottom of your heart, you know it does :) I know you have it inside, dear. The trick is, pick someone who deserves it, not just any passer-by.

    Luff ya :)

  12. A great piece, as all your pieces I’ve read so far. What I liked specifically is how you used the mask technique, by speaking on behalf of a man, to express what you dream of in a man and in your relationship. It’s not easy to express the other gender’s feelings, but I’d say you didn’t go astray on this; on the contrary, you were very convincing, yet within your modern-romantic realm.
    Well done, Mermaid!

  13. Dear, dear Eloquent,

    I “always” failed to write from men’s point of view! Men are so unfathomable :P But I am so very happy you think I succeeded this time :D

    Thank you for making my day :)

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