Posted by: Mermaid | August 3, 2010

Raghda :)

Raghda, my youngest sister, while reading my latest post, asked me: “ya3ny eih fathom”. I told her:

يسبر غور

She looked puzzled as if I spoke Chinese! :) Fa I elaborated:

يُدرك كُنه

She kept silent for a moment before innocently asking: “Da Irany dah?!!”


  1. 3arfa, Imma stop by alot for el comdeya deh xD

  2. La2, you have to live with Raghda to know the definition of comedy begad :D She is the FUNNIEST ever :D

    Saba7 el foll :)

  3. bsara7a ana shayfa Raghda 3andaha 7a2 … ana blnesbaly ” fathom ” kanet ar7am bkteeeeeeeer :))
    eh el Irany da fe3lan :)

  4. loool…. ady akhret el ta3leem el afrangy… el 3araby beta3ko tele3 bayez :P

  5. fa tel3at ya3nee eh bardo?? astana el piece elly gaya haykoon feeha el targama??

  6. loool… ekhs 3aleiky ya Biso… enty kaman? :D Dee wad7a zayy el shams :D

    Fathom means “unravel” :)

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