Posted by: Mermaid | August 21, 2010


Elle le déteste, pour toute la faiblesse qu’il met en elle, pour tous les sentiments contradictoires nés dans sa présence, pour tout l’amour qu’elle détient pour lui!


  1. I went through the trouble of typing this on google translate 3ashan afhamha..


  2. loool… I am glad you found it worth the while ;)

    Aywa keda… ana 3ayza tashgee3 3ashan a write in French :D

    Thanks to my dearest friend Nahla for editing it… without her efforts, it would have come out Chinese :D

  3. I LOVE it. Very Real. And it does sound better in french :))
    Keep it up ya Mayo (y)

  4. But I think the title is a bit too strong .. wala eh ?!
    mahy bardo akeed mesh btekraho awyy ya3ni :D

  5. Merci, merci, belle Randazzz :D

    She does hate him! Her hatred is as strong is as her love!

  6. Impressionnant :)

  7. Merci beaucoup, Said :)

  8. you wrote a similar one in english before sa7 wala ana bakharraf?

  9. Wallahy ya Rou not that I remember :) But this doesn’t mean I didn’t :D But I usually have this two poles going in the opposite directions theme in my writings. Love is never simple, is it? :)

  10. trop profond!!! u went so deep inside me =))

  11. Merci ya Heind :) Glad you liked it :))

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