Posted by: Mermaid | August 25, 2010

Be Positive

I will try every now and then to post something about the places that offer bad services/products and good ones. This is to promote: “survival for the fittest.” We have to encourage those who take the extra mile to provide good service / products.

Don’t deal with:

El Ma7mal Motors (Al Tayaran Street – Nasr City). They promise things they do not do, not knowledgeable staff and beaurocratic.

Al Khayyal Motors ( Ahmed Kamel Street – Haram). Incompetent staff that has no clue what “customer service” means.

Etisalat. “I” was actually telling the customer service representative about some of the services they provide. He had no idea about some of the plans they have for USB modems. He had to put me on hold and check! Another time, I was mis-informed about something I asked about.

Deal with:

Ring (Mobile maintenance). Very efficient call center, friendly staff, and respectable policies.

Egypt Air (Aywa, Egypt Air beta3etna)! They have knowledgeable and competent customer service representatives in their call center (1717) and an AMAZING website that I used to apply in one of their programs. They ARE improving!

LinkDotNet (Internet service provider): Although I have heard many bad stuff about them, yet I am actually quite happy with their service. 24 hour Customer service, quick solving of problems, and they don’t cut down the service when you’re a few weeks late in paying your bill.


Earlier “Be Positive” posts and their effect: Here, here, and the effect.



  1. I totally agree about Ring they are excellent with excellent customer care. They even called me back after a month of fixing my phone there to rate their service and see if I didn’t like anything about their service. On the other hand Raya and I2 were totally lousy with no customer care what so ever.. they’d rather call it customer torture, they were totally careless and impolite.

    About EgyptAir, I also agree they are doing their best to improve and the new website is a lot better and they provide good services and very useful info through it. I really do recommend it.

    I love this idea ya Mayo. I think everybody shud support it and share in it.

  2. Ya Randazzzz :)

    Eda.. Ring didn’t call me back after a month as they did with you! They’re bad, bad, bad :D Seriously, wow! They did that! Bravo 3aleihom begad!

    Yes, I think everyone should talk/write about their experience with companies/service providers. Word of mouth is the strongest means of communication and influence in Egypt. Why not use it properly and efficiently?

    I’m waiting for your post with the “Deal with/Don’t Deal with” recommendations ;)

  3. Being a frequent traveller, I witnessed first-hand the substantial improvement Egypt Air went through, especially after being part of Star Alliance.

    I remember during my childhood that despite Egypt Air have _relatively_ good service, every one here in KSA seemed to prefer Saudi Airlines.

    However, during the past two years I have flown in Saudi Airlines, Swiss Air, Alitalia, and Egypt Air, and I can decidedly say that Egypt Air was actually the best among them all.

    I believe it’s the only thing in Egypt that has gone in the right direction along the times.

  4. Saudi Airlines is much worse than Egypt Air… I had a horrible experience with them this year! And though I complained about it, nothing happened! Here:

    Let’s hope that other things would go in the right direction, too. Education ya Rab!!!

  5. Itisalat CS SUCKS big time!

    it’s one of the main reasons I switched to vodafone again.

    I once called them and made a complaint enhom mshghlen 7meeer, and it doesnt end there, also they’re so freaking rude!

  6. La2 begad mesh mesada2ahom. The shouldn’t be spending millions of dollars on TV ads while they seriously need a complete make over from inside!

  7. Etisalat Customer service is bad because it is an outsourcing company (cheaper by the dozen).
    They don’t usually hire.
    A month ago i posted an ad. for a vacancy at my company…8 out of 13 applicants were ex customer service employees for Etisalat. They were poorly paid and would never fit for such a job.
    ya3ni aslan aslan their structure daye3 :)

  8. I hope they’d work on this or to get out of the market. I do not care if they offer a minute for 1 piaster.. I care for good, competent service.

    Eih el hamm dah!

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