Posted by: Mermaid | September 17, 2010

I am…

Grateful for that butterfly shape that appeared on my coffee telling me that we can see butterflies, stars and rainbows if we look with our hearts.

Grateful for that little girl sitting at the back seat in the car in front of me who smiled, waved, and blew me a kiss amidst the traffic jam I was in reminding me that I need to be attentive to the rosy gifts life offers me.

Grateful for going out alone this evening to enjoy a delicious seafood meal and a heavenly chocolate fondant, reminding myself that I am still that strong girl who doesn’t hide but rather faces pleasure and pain courageously with open arms.



  1. I am grateful for reading them at this specific moment, gave me lots of rewards…
    Wish you happiness always ya Mermaid

  2. Am glad this came at a good time for you :) Ya Rab dayman, dear :)

    Wish you all the beautiful gifts life can offer you :)

  3. That was a good read ya mermaid…
    I did the same yesterday went alone to the mall, window shopped for hours, got my favorite Frappucino caramel at Starbucks and came back home with wide smile on my face.

    Thanks for the good read dear and may your rosy gifts always be around.

  4. I already miss our talk :)

  5. Samia,

    Who said that our own company is not entertaining? ;)

    May you be blessed with all the beautiful gifts your heart can take :)


    Same here… and you won’t believe how much!

  6. Gamda ya myada

  7. Thanks a lot ya Ahmed :) Glad you liked it :)

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