Posted by: Mermaid | September 30, 2010

London I – The Way to the Cloudy City

Pasteurization! That was what came to my mind when I knew that I’d be in Sudan for three days followed by one day in Egypt then off to London. Not that I minded it! It was just funny. Just because Sudan trip was extremely important, I didn’t think of London though it was at the back of my mind all the time. So, the trip in the 39C Sudan went very well, thank God. Back to Egypt for one day was extremely tiring and exhausting because that one day was not just one, it was almost 3 days in one! I had to go to work, hand-over some stuff before my 13-day vacation (yes, you read this right :P) and then go to my hairdresser to do my hair, pick a book up, look for a bag and most importantly PACK (which includes getting out my winter clothes!) El mohem, the day passed peacefully and there I was on the plane heading to London.

Every now and then I used to check whether I was dreaming or not. And luckily, I was not :) That was the largest plane I have ever been on – British Airways. Their accent was music to my ears. And for some reason, I did not actually feel the length of the 5-hour flight versus the boredom I feel during the 2.5-hour flight to Sudan! Was it because of the movie I watched or the excitement I was feeling? I don’t actually know.

Nobody looked at nobody! You know, everyone minded their own business. Although I usually do not sneak looks at others yet I am not entirely yet like those “I-mind-my-own-business” people! I remembered

من حسن إسلام المرء تركه ما لا يعنيه.

Cabin Crew: “We’re east of Paris…” Do I want to go to Paris? No! Call me prejudiced but I do not like their government.

  • Tayeb ya Mayada government is different from the people (look at Egypt!)
  • Sa7 but I didn’t hear very good stuff about the people either.
  • Since when do you judge based on hearing or seeing? Where is “living, experiencing and feeling”?
  • Sa7, sorry!
  • Good! So, do you want to go to Paris?
  • No!
  • Ya kharashy 3aleiky! :D

Cabin Crew again: “It is a nice day in London where the temperature is 15C!” I was about to burst in laughter. 15? Seriously?!:D This would be like the coldest day in Egypt’s winter!

We reached London sky. You do not get to see all these clouds in Egypt. I love clouds. I want to jump onto them. And when the plane goes into the cloud, this takes my breath away. It makes me feel dizzy and unbalanced. All I feel is that I want to close my eyes and physically go through them to have them in my own lungs!

Going out of the plane was a bit disappointing. It was not as cold as I expected. Well, it was cold but I thought it would be much colder. I met my friend and we headed in a bit of a long journey towards her home. After freshening up, we went out for a LONG walk that lasted for almost five hours!

Outer Circle of Regent's Park - London

London loves me! Yes, it does! It welcomed me with its beautiful autumn colours; yes, all autumn colours; yellow, orange and red. And green is still dominant as it is still early autumn. And among all the greenery, a breathtaking collection of flowers before an old building surprises me. I was smiling all the time! ALL the time! Then I started jumping when I felt the cold rains on my face. And that sound, that sound that I did not hear before, the sound of rains knocking gently on my umbrella, tickled all my attentive senses; the fresh smell, the persistent sound, and the clear sight were just amazing.

We both were starving, so we headed for a nice French restaurant she knew – Chez Gérard in Covent Garden area. Because it was heavily raining, we couldn’t dine outside but we chose a table next to the window to watch the wet street and the amazing défilé of umbrellas that were as different and unique as their bearers. The restaurant was a French cuisine. I found it absolutely “formidable!” I ordered Crèpe de homard (a light pancake filled with lobster, crab, prawns and mushrooms in a creamy lobster sauce with sutéed spinach). After taking the first bite, I froze. It was obscenely delicious! One of the tastiest dishes I’ve ever had in my entire life! I finished it to the last bit feeling this kind of happiness that makes you want to jump and sing :)

Walking gaily in the rains was a cake where the cherry on top of it was passing by the Opera House and listening to some of the music they were playing. I stopped for a while, leaned on one of the big pillars there and just listened to this strange and exotic mix of the sound of music and the sound of rain. Can you imagine how both sounds made me feel?!

I got back home with my friend, with cold knees, nose, hands and chin. My feet were soaked and my teeth were shivering. But I was happy, just so very happy J



  1. wa7ashtini awi ,, please have all the fun possible ,,for me kaman …call me when you are back…

  2. When u started describing the plate u ordered .. I felt like .. like .. e7em .. Well I can’t say it in public :D !! Then I stopped reading for a while to control myself back again :) .. only to find u saying the right word “OBSCENELY delicious” !!

    Gadd showaya ba2a … I felt the rain drops on the umbrella, the scene of greenery and the festival of colours, the heavenly music and of course the “obscenely delicious” dish :)

    Happy for u being happy :*

  3. Enjoy it to the fullest ..

  4. happy that you are happy :))
    for food suggestion in london: my favorite restaurants were Gaucho and Dim T
    Have fun :))

  5. Ya bent. send me an email. i’m in london. we can meet.

  6. Hey ya Salwa :) Wallahy enty 3ala baaly ba2alek keteer bass mesh kont la2ya wa2t ahrosh :( Will call you when I go back to Egypt inshAllah :) Miss you, miss you :)

    Nizo, looool… e7em… when I see you, I’ll tell you something keda beiny we beinek about food ;) Wait for the rest of the series. You won’t be able to control yourself :P Thanks, DEAR :)))

    Hea, thanks :)

    Hey ya Nousha, edah… tayeb I wanna go :) I’ll google them and try them out ;)

    Amiraz, I just sent you an e-mail :)

  7. السلام عليكم

    انا حسيت بكل الحاجات الحلوة اللي انت وصفتيها و تكلمت عنها…حسيت قطرات المطر..و صعدت رائحة الارض المبلولة الى ذاكرتي…للارض رائحة مميزة في المطر..و رسمت صورة لكل المظلات الرائحة و الغادية..و الوان الخريف..و المطعم و اصوات الموسيقى..و الغيوم..و الشارع…و كل البلل اللي انت كنت حاسة بيه!!

    بس اذا جاتلك فرصة تروحي على باريس..اغتنميها..و اياك ترفضي..دة يبقى بطر يا بنتي!!!اذا جاتلك الفرصة دي.. روحي و ابقى احكيلنا..ماشي؟؟

    ربنا يسعدك كمان و كمان

  8. أيوه أيوه… فعلاً الأرض بيبقى ليها ريحة مميزة بعد المطرة. رااائعة :)

    أنا سعيدة إنك قدرتي تحسي بالحاجات اللي وصفتها. :)

    بصي أنا مش من أنصار زيارة أكتر من بلد في أجازة واحدة. باحس إني مش هاقدر أدي كل بلد حقها. دانا مش عارفة أدي إنجلترا حقها :)

    إنتظري بقية السلسة ;)

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