Posted by: Mermaid | October 3, 2010

Cambridge among Scone, Cornish Pasty and Punting

Thursday, 30th September.

Another day welcoming me in London! The city I find charming in its cosmopolitan air; diversity and richness in everyway. So, the plan for today was heading to Cambridge with my friend. To reach the train station we had to use the underground where this cosmopolitan air was at its peak. One can see men in neat suits and shiny shoes and women with nice eye-make-up and simple yet elegant clothes. In the morning, women mostly wear flat shoes/boots except for a few. But in the evening, they all wander about in high heels. So, we reached the crowded train station and got the online-pre-reserved tickets from a machine (oh, I love reserving tickets online!) London is very crowded, yet it is an organized crowdedness that’s why no bus or train shows up late.

 So, we grabbed our coffee and then we jumped into the relatively empty train to start a journey of jaw-dropping for me! The horizon was breathtakingly beautiful and… you know, endless! My sight was not blocked by buildings or cement blocks. And when there were houses, they were those English nice homes not ugly skyscrapers. 


On the way to Cambridge

I did not have high expectations for Cambridge. I thought: “What else is there besides the mundane university buildings?!” And there it stood the beautiful, small town with its farthest-from-being-mundane buildings, winding streets and beautiful Cam River. We toured a bit among the university campuses before passing by a small cafe from which a luring smell was inviting us in. I had garlic bread topped with melting cheese and the traditional English dessert Scone that is served with clotted cream and strawberry jam. My taste buds were melting with the maddeningly rich taste of the dessert that with every bit I was telling me friend: “begad I cannot believe this! I cannot believe this!” I moved away reluctantly yet feeling happy and filled up. 


Melting cheese garlic bread and Scone

More wandering and then my friend said we cannot miss on the “punting”. Fa I thought: ” we malo, let’s punt… mesh 3eib! Bass meen el punt dah? :)” My friend explained that it is a kind of boat where we sit and a guide takes us in a tour through the river. And that was quite an experience! The Cam River moved among the university campuses with beautiful bridges connecting them. One of which is a duplication of the Bridge of Sighs in Venice. Such beautiful scenery and festival of colours! Absorbing all this beauty within was not difficult at all.


Punting at Cam River

Then it was the time for a 5-hour walk on the river bank. I envied those who had houses directly on the river. Could there be anything more relaxing?! Feeling hungry, my friend suggested the famous Cornish pasty (coming from Cornwall – west of England) filled with steak, stilton (a type of English cheese) and swede (some vegetable between potato and sweet potato) and other things that are nothing but tasty.
It was time to say goodbye to the city that is the farthest from being mundane. On the way back, the train was crowded so I didn’t get a chance to have a window seat. I couldn’t complain though. I sat down recalling all the tastes of what I’ve seen and eaten today. The exhaustion was surprisingly sweet that it lulled me into a smiling sleep.




  1. بالنظر الى جمال المكان الذي تشي به الصور اللي انت واخداها..يبدو ان المدينة تصلح مكانا للاستشفاء..بهكذا طبيعة خلابة …يستطيع المرء ان يذهب الى هناك للراحة و اخذ استراحة من ضوضاء العصر و امراضه!!

    ارجوك استمتعي الى ما لانهاية بما ترين و ما تتذوقين و ما تختبرين!!

  2. يا عربة

    المكان فوق عن رائع! وفعلاً هو ينفع مكان للإستشفاء. والله أنا حاسة بإختلاف جوايا رغم إني قضيت يوم واحد بس هناك

    أنا مستمتعة بكل لحظة


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