Posted by: Mermaid | October 6, 2010

National Gallery, will you Cry?

Sunday, 3rd Oct. 2010.

So, today I went to the most famous National Gallery. Mmm.. well, if you do not enjoy Christian (of the Christ, angels, and Mary) and nudity portraits, then I think it’s not the place for you. A friend of mine told me that she actually cried when she first entered the museum! I almost shrugged before all of the grand paintings except for a few:

Renoir’s Gladioli in a Vase


Calame’s The Lake of Thun


Turner’s An English Packet Arriving


And of course, el 7ob el 7ob Monet :)


I always knew I am not a person of museums but rather of open, vast spaces but I thought the case will be different with the NG but seems not!

Then the usual long walk started. I love walking in London’s streets. Almost all the buildings are masterpieces. You’d feel that you need to freeze there for hours observing the tiny and masterfully built details of the buildings. Trafalgar square is a very nice place to linger in, if you do not mind the spread around love-birds if you know what I mean :)

Of course there was the gasp when seeing London Eye for the first time, Big Ben, and the House of Parliament. I have a special affinity with Big Ben coz people sometimes call me with this name :) Seeing it for the first time at night added to its charm.

 The house of Parliament was amazingly lit. The highlight of the day was capturing rains in the photos :)


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