Posted by: Mermaid | November 5, 2010

On Egypt’s Love, Sincerity and Women

Yesterday was the end of a very busy, breathless week. It ended with a meeting I had with a group of beautiful people from PTP discussing the activities we will do in the coming few months. After doing so, some very interesting discussion started about suicide, psychological disorders, religion, and finally about Egypt. Then one of the people, who happens to be a dear friend to my heart, threw a statement that hit me in the face. “Those who say they love Egypt are not sincere.” His justification/explanation of this statement was that Egypt contains many ugly things, like garbage, and you cannot possibly love garbage! I argued back that relationships (with your country or with people) are not that simple and straightforward as he believed. In other words, when I love someone, it doesn’t mean I love every single thing about her/him. For example, my very close friends, I love them the most and they are very dear to my heart. However, I hate certain things about them. This doesn’t mean I am not sincere when I say I love them. We, humans, have very complicated psyche that allows us to have ambivalent relationships with other entities in the world. It is actually VERY difficult and rare to have a straight one-emotion relationship with someone/something, even with our parents or partners. But anyways my dear friend, I do not think we should question people’s sincerity simply because we are not omniscient! And we should accept people’s being different from us :) (Note to self: since you said this, then you should accept that there are people who cannot/don’t accept people’s being different from them! My dear friend, I accept you the way you are :))

Having said this argument, he was still not convinced :) which is perfectly okay. Then another very close friend said something that was very eye-opening to me. He said: “some people cannot actually contain such ambivalent relationships, specially men. Women can do it, but men cannot. That’s why most of those who hate the country are men.” I was thunderstruck! This is very true! Women have a more sophisticated psyche than men (there are some exceptions, of course).

I am glad I am a woman. And I love Egypt.



  1. Hello,

    Can they say why man can have multi relationships in the same polygamy…and woman can’t?? are such relationships and feelings ambivalent or not??

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