Posted by: Mermaid | December 15, 2010


زوجين مقربين لي كثيرًا تشاجرا منذ عدة أسابيع وتوقفا عن محادثة بعضهما وفشلت كل محاولاتي للصلح بينهما. وأنا أصلي اليوم، دعوت لهما أن يتصالحا. رأيتهما في نفس اليوم وفوجئت بهما يتحدثان بطريقة عادية وكأن شيئًا لم يحدث!ا

ملاحظة، لستُ بفتاة صالحة بقلب نقي. فقط أؤمن بقوة الدعاء.ا



  1. I know that feeling , I tried praying for a friend ( me and her friends ) and really everything was amazing ….rabena yatakabal menena game3an ISA :)

  2. Amen amen :)

    Tayeb bem2en do3a2ek mostagaab… mated3eely ma3aky :D

  3. I need you to pray for me just like you prayed for them keda ..

    3ashan ana nefsy as7a fe yom we ba3den ala2y koll haga .. 3ady keda .. as if 2010 didn’t really happen ..

    God how I wish for that ..

  4. me tooo please pray for me that my single wish come true soooooooon….

  5. I did, dear, dear Ibraheem. Rabena yataqabbal :)

    Chaimaa, amen.. (a whisper, we have to be careful with what we wish for! :) )

  6. wana wennaby ya Mayo ya okhty, ed3eely asafer Europe wafked el zakera wa koll el mostanadat al rasmeyya allaty tasbet haweyyety :)

  7. Wallahy ya Meto I was praying for a friend a couple of days ago and when I was about to say his name, your name came out :) Fa I prayed for both of you :)

    Lose the papers, but not the memories :) Ya3ny if you forget me, whom shall I tease? :P

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