Posted by: Mermaid | December 24, 2010

Only for a Day

Only for a day, she’s going to admit – to herself- that she is in love. Only for a day, she’ll let the world see that glow in her eyes. Then the following day, again, she’ll deny herself the right to feel this way. And she will give in to the realization that he’s not hers.



  1. Ah ya alby

  2. Salamet 2albek ya Chaimaa :))

  3. I stopped denying it, long time ago! :)

  4. I didn’t get this one ya Mermaid, why she can not make him hers ? may be he doesn’t deserve to fight for, if that is the case then why she nurtures the pain? why she denies her self the right to find someone else?.

  5. Rou, why aren’t there anti-love patches in pharmacies like the anti-nicotine ones? :)

    Samia, I do not usually to interpret my stories coz I like the reader to read it the way s/he wants. But only this time, I’ll give you a sneak peak into what I meant :) Sometimes, he is not hers because he’s married, from a different religion, a ma7ram… and so on. The story did not indicate if he’s worth her love or not. She loves him anyways but holds her horses and doesn’t allow herself to enjoy it. And only for day, she’s going to let go of the restraints… only for a day, she’ll allow herself to feel the love she bears for him.

  6. Thanks dear.

  7. So sensible, so achingly beautiful!
    A concise masterpiece.
    Should I thank you for the sting I felt?

  8. It was painful to write! But I am happy the outcome came as “achingly beautiful” :)

    I am sorry about the sting! :( I am sure many people hate me already for what I make them feel! Heartless writers like me should be imprisoned :)

  9. waga3tily alby ya Mayo :(

  10. I am sorry ya Lo :( (but this indicates that it touched you somehow… which I am, selfishly, happy for) :)

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