Posted by: Mermaid | February 3, 2011


Devastated! This is how I exactly feel right now! Let me tell you my feelings in a nutshell… what I’ve been feeling for the past 10 days. I went on 25th January demonestrations, I was scared and shivering but was hopeful. The results were astonishing! We surprised ourselves, the whole world and most importantly the government. Then I was dying to join in 28th January demonstrations but my father forbade me from leaving the house.  I wanted to be there and be part of it; take the gas bombs and water pumps like everyone else as we did on 25th Jan. But I could not. I was yelling though with all my heart “Mubarak… baatel (illegal)”, “Leave out” and “el sha3b yoreed esqaat el nezam / people want to throw out the regime”. I wanted to see Mubarak out of presidency coz he is the symbol of corruption. He was stupid to throw small cards. As they say: “too little, too late”. Firing the old government and a new one did not make me cool off. A vice president was another lame move. The promise to look into the parliament elections and constitution modifications followed the trend. Instead of throwing a bucket of water on a burning bush, he kept throwing water using a coffee cup! But then suddenly I started pitying him. He’s an old man. Corrupt, yes! But still I wanted him out of the regime (not the country). Then after his speech yesterday, I did not turn into “pro Mubarak” but pro “let’s wait and see”. We have a voice now… the government and the whole regime are scared like hell from us now! What we did in the past 10 days was UNBELIEVABLE!!!  I thought let’s wait and see if things will get right or not. In two months, we can see if they are true and honest or not. I, for the first time in 10 day, had a good feeling… that things will settle down and cool off. I wanted to start building what was destroyed. But then… what happened today!!! My GOD!!!!  Thugs coming out of “Pro Mubarak” demonstrations attacking the opposing ones that want Mubarak out?! I know they are thugs… I know they are “PAID”…. I know all this… but are we 100% sure it’s HIM behind all this! If anybody can prove this, I’ll rest in peace and yell again he should be out. Isn’t there any chance that they can be hired by the National Governmental Party in a scared move to keep the party that will be re-formed very soon? Or a vengeful move by the ex- Minister of the Interior Habib El Adly? Or any other internal or external force with secret agendas (prominent candidates: Islamic Brotherhood, El Baradei, USA, or Iran)? If those thugs have nothing to do with Mubarak and he was not the one who gave orders to dispel his opposers, then why the police, himself or the government did not interfere in today’s disasters? I am afraid of passing any judgment because any misjudgement now could take the whole country into a wrong turn. I am breathlessly overwhelmed by news about the battles that are still going on for hours now with 600+ injured and one killed! Now I do not know what to think or where I stand. I am confused like I’ve never been in my whole life :( I know that what I want is a FREE EGYPT… and a SAFE one! I do not know the way now for a free, safe Egypt. I do not know if it is demonstrations or no-demonstrations. What I know is that those who choose to demonstrate should be kept safe and supported till we see what the majority of the people want. No matter what (the anti-Mubarak) demonstrators want, nobody should touch them with any harm.


يا رب رحمتك ولطفك. يا رب رحمتك ولطفك.



  1. Your words are so powerful, so honest, the combination is magnificent. May I share them?

    I can either link to you and ask a major internet player in the US to post the link or I can copy them and put them on my site – or both. The point is that the word gets out from wonderful people such as you, the people I used to know when I lived in Cairo so long ago.

  2. Hello Tayyur,

    My words are powerful?! Then why do I feel that they are just bleeding? :(

    Thank you, dear. Of course, feel free to put links to the post wherever you see suitable.

    I know you pray for us.. keep doing this, please.

  3. Do not change the course. This attack was an attempt to derail you and put you in a different mindset. Do not lose your objective because that is what they want you to lose. 300 thugs against Millions no contest.

  4. I have been so very impressed with the Egyptian uprising – no leader, but united! Peaceful, but determined! Do not let this monster Mubarak fool you – he said, he will not run again, but then said, I wouldn’t have run again anyway – just to say, “You, silly people, you think you can control me? NEVER!” He does not respect the people – he views himself as the master, and the people, as his servants. You cannot trust a man like this to act as anything but a master to a slave. The people have built up all this momentum, in this most wonderful and historic revolution. Do not give up now! Do not trust the tyrants – they will betray you, as they always have. They willl start arresting people once the protests stop, and make examples of them. They will never allow free elections, if you surrender now.

    By saying, “We will not negotiate until the protests stop”, they are saying they will never negotiate – for, when did they negotiate, before the protests? They do not look at you as equals – they see you as servants. Your only chance at freedom is to kick them out now. You have the momentum NOW. Please, keep your courage, keep your faith, keep going – the whole world is counting on you! Egypt can be the bright example of a true grass roots revolution where the people kick out tjhe globalists and take power onto themselves. The whole world iis watching – you are on the verge of victory. Do not let them defeat you!

  5. Beware of wolves in sheeps clothing. Mubarak is just the puppet put in power by the West for the international banking cartel. The West is trying to shape things right now wo place another stooge–albeit a smoother Obama type to mollify your hopes.
    But it is a trap back to the pens.

    Be satisfied with nothing but true freedom.


  6. I am watching this unfold and my prayers are for a peaceful resolution. I know the demonstators did not want this to turn violent. Stay safe & strong!!

  7. Salaam Blessed Mermaid. May you find peace in your land. Well maybe not today. You see, I am so far from where thou art and I can only witness. I watch and the shock of what I see washes over me and then I am filled with rage. My Amerikan government does nothing as Egyptian people are butchered in the streets and the holy Freedom Square in Cairo. I rage and it is impotent. For you see, I am so very far away. But I have tools that I can use with mine own two hands and I can speak in one very loud voice, Mubarak butchering fool, GET OUT OF EGYPT AND STOP KILLING EGYPT’S PEOPLE!
    Be brave child and you MUST remain strong, for I fear there is worse to come.
    skulz fontaine
    el Gran Norté Blanco

  8. We pray for Egypt’s freedom and the freedom of all peoples. I can only tell you what others have said before: Mubarak was a useful Western puppet. Follow this link:

  9. Mermaid, one of the best things to do is to spread calm. Your anger/confusion/hurt is palpable and the reasons thereof are clear too.

    But history has shown that violence only begets more of the same. The lie that instigators spread about how being martyred is somehow noble is a cruel one.

    While Gandhi was flawed in many respects, one thing he did worked. Non-participation.

    What if everyone just sat back. Seriously. It’s the engines of commerce that feed the monster.
    Non-participation in the “great game” is the only way out. And much as it is exciting to go be amongst a million marchers, who can be (and were) pushed into violence, even against their best intentions, better by far to gather in silence or prayer.

    Starve the beast. He feeds on anger/hate. It’s an old playbook. All the “players” have their exits ready. And they like to leave their playgrounds ravaged if they lose control.

    Don’t let that happen.

    Think of a new rallying cry. You belong to the civilization that is at the core of our current reality in many, so many ways. Gather by the millions around the great pyramid.

    Pyr-amid. Fire in the middle.

    Be bold, be different.

    What I see/hear happening is just playing into the hands of the beast.

    If Egyptians are to lead the way, then show the world how to do it with Grace and Power.

    Be the butterfly that flapped it’s wings and caused mountains to crumble.

    Blessings from India


  10. So now the terrorist group Muslim Brotherhood is considered democracy?

  11. […] the demonstrations in Cairo that took place over the last few days. It is worth a read – [check here] Tags: Civil unrest, Egypt, Revolution Comments RSS feed LikeBe the first to like […]

  12. For information on world Libertarians and their work for rights see

  13. Remember the highest energy always wins! We in the U.S. are all sending our prayers to the people of Egypt. Please don’t give up! Peace, Light & Love to all your people.

  14. Ms Al Shereef,

    Thank you very for sharing your experiences with us… and also for your courage and determination to do what you know is right.

    I wish for the Egyptian (and all) people the possibility of attaining self-determination and freedom from oppression.

    I have taken the liberty of posting a link on my website to your article so readers here in Germany may hear your “voice”. I thought this might be in your interest.

    I wish you happiness, excellent health, the strength to do that, which is right, and success in your newly initiated artistic endeavors.

    respectfully, carl

  15. one further comment:

    a relevant article also at – Revolutionary Change In Egypt – Internal Or Made In USA?

    all the best, carl

  16. You think you have freedom? Try psychological slavery…just like what Soviet Union did,so will Amerika.

  17. الأخت حورية البحر,

    As a Christian, I join you in your prayer:

    يا رب رحمتك ولطفك. يا رب رحمتك ولطفك.


  18. Thank you for these powerful words. With such people in waiting Egypt surely has a future brighter than its present. You need look no further than the US embassy for your culprits.

  19. You have lit a fire for freedom. You cannot turn back now. Revolution is vicious and dangerous, but after you have won you can have a country which is both free AND peaceful. This will only happen if you stand firm for liberty. You have no choice now. You cannot go back.

  20. The Autobots are with you – Join AMDB10K & Share with all English/Internet Literate Egyptian College Students and Anti-Corruption Protesters to Help Bring Socio-Economic Justice in Egypt.

  21. Or any other internal or external force with secret agendas (prominent candidates: Islamic Brotherhood, El Baradei, USA, or Iran)?
    I am breathlessly overwhelmed by news about the battles that are still going on for hours now with 600+ injured and one killed! Now I do not know what to think or where I stand. I am confused like I’ve never been in my whole life.

    Sister, it’s understandable that you feel confused amidst all the uncertainty and contradictory information coming from all sides. But as a person of faith, I must tell you that so long as you keep your heart aligned with the good Lord, that you need not feel confused or aimless.

    Pray for yourselves, just as we all over the world are praying for you. God will grant you the wisdom to see you through this so long as you keep your heart open to His answers. God guides and protects all of his children when they ASK Him. Ask him, dear sister, everyday for guidance, and I assure you that the answers will come and your confusion will dissipate.

    Do not focus on all of these separate agendas, but keep your trust and focus on God, the giver of all good things. The only law is God, and God is love. God is with you.

    Keep the faith, and remember that the Light shines brightest in the dark.

  22. Being an Australia living in Egypt it saddens me to see that in the year 2011 people are still looking for a scapegoat and looking for someone to blame. ElBaradei and the Brotherhood apparently seem to be blamed but only on state media..SAD right?
    For logic’s sake let’s say the old man didn’t know his cabinet was corrupt, isn’t that worse than the sin of being part of the he really didn’t know this makes him unworthy of ruling a nation and being the people’s protector surely I appreciate ur young n ur full of questions but i’m sure u have eyes haven’t u witnessed elections on all levels?? as for his supporters where were they on Jan 25th Day of Rage?? why only show up and with full on violence intended..if he was soo innocent why are the world leaders calling for him to engage in peaceful transition of power? u r the leaders of tmw learn from todays mistakes n remember u just like anybody else have a duty to the future generations..i hope ur rested emotionally n that u n all round u remain safe, and all of Egypt wakes up from this terriblre nightmare that has not only gone on for 9 days but for 30+ years…

  23. […] […]

  24. Northen Irelands religion war ended as someone began making bombs out of their churches using propane …… No temples left no war to fight , the 2 sides capitulated shortly & war was over .

    Mid east wars will stop when people realize torching the petrol refinerys wells and
    tank farms will bring the western corporate greed to its knees …

    That day politics will change …


  25. The text below is copied from here:

    The eloquence and truth contained therein speak volumes.

    Sandcat said…

    From Cairo:
    It is the first day we have internet. We are still under curfew 3pm – 7 am.

    There are 2 military tanks sitting at either end of my street. There are also roadblocks manned by vigilante groups. At present the military appear to be with the people but no-one knows when or how that could change.

    The Pro-mubarak protestors currently charging the protestors are police thugs. THE ONLY ONES WHO HAVE ACCESS TO HORSES INSIDE CAIRO (AND WHO KNOW HOW TO CHARGE ON HORSEBACK INTO A CROWD) ARE THE POLICE!!

    After the police “disappeared”, miraculously, and apparently spontanoeusly, people set up vigilante groups and a roadblock system to police and protect their communities and property. All cars are stopped. If you ask any of them who they are searching for, they will all tell you “undercover police”. They know who the thugs,and looters are that are terrorising our neighbourhoods, and who is behind the effort to delegitimise the protest.

    Today apparently 3 planeloads of unidentified chemical dispersants (teargas?? white phosphorous?)has arrived from Israel in Menya,(near Cairo).

    I live here in Cairo (im not Egyptian) and want to tell you that today I am so utterly proud of the Egyptians, of their incredible courage and determination, and I feel so totally priveliged to watch the battered and downtrodden Egyptian people stand up and take back their street, their country, their lives and their future.They deserve every ounce of your support for they are fighting in the front lines of a battle THAT YOU WILL BE FIGHTING TOMORROW!
    Be with us in your thoughts on Friday. We have reason to beleive that teargas, snipers or worse will be used to break up the demonstrations and create mayhem.
    I have no words to describe what I have seen and the incredible shift that is taking place and this is not by any means my first experience in a conflict zone.
    This is totally different – this is a profound awakening of humanity and the beginning of an unfolding drama of which we are all part and to which we are intimately linked.

  26. Please continue your fight for true freedom. It MAY teach my own nation how to return OUR government to the PEOPLE again.
    Please protect your Cairo Museum from looting.
    Have your Army protect YOUR GREAT HISTORY.
    I admire the great nation of Egypt.
    Clark McClelland, former ScO, Space Shuttle Fleet, Kennedy Space Center, Florida USA, 1958 to 1992

  27. Stay inside because Israel and Mubarak are ready to unleash hell on the protesters. They already did it here in the US, about a decade ago. 9/11 and Israel, here:

  28. In Egypt the government is afraid of the people
    People in Egypt are free
    Congrats to true Egyptians

  29. keep faith,stay the course and continue to stand firm. ..the world supports you…the people of the world believe in your ability to overcome and win…after all you are Egyptians and belong to the greatest civilization in history!

  30. Here’s a real time twitter map of all the Egyptian protest news.

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  32. Blessings to the vast majority of Egyptian people, who should have been given the freedom to decide an alternative to Mubarak, with free elections.
    Instead they are challenged by an authoritarian president who has lost all real public respect, and is only supported by paid agents in his police force and among rural farmers..

    The western powers, chiefly America, should have acted sooner in requesting his immediate resignation. Instead, because of belated support for the people by the western powers, violence and chaos have been allowed to take root..

    Mubarak must leave office now and save his people more misery and uncertainty.

  33. Thank you everyone for your support and prayers! Your words are inspiring and encouraging beyond words. Am heartily grateful!

  34. In spite of the world’s revulsion against his corrupt police state, Mubarak still clings on to power, much as an alcoholic clings on to his bottle….cursing anyone who dares to take it from him.

    When will the Egyptian army arrest him…?? It serves nobody in Egypt to allow this stalemate impasse to continue.

  35. While Mubarak and his insane Police force remain at liberty, these types of callous incidences, against peaceful protestors, will unfortunately continue…
    Obama should directly request that Mubarak goes, NOW…

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