Posted by: Mermaid | February 10, 2011

In an Hour

Tuesday, 1st February . . . the president’s second speech. A big change of heart in the streets. People were divided. Some still insisted on the president’s stepping down as well as the whole regime. And some were pro that the president finishes his presidential term while applying all the changes requested by the people.

Wednesday, 2nd February… demonstrations asking for the president’s stepping down are still going on in Tahrir square. Other demonstrations supporting the president started in front of Mustafa Mahmoud mosque. In the afternoon, part of the latter demonstrations headed to Tahrir. Camels, horses and thugs attacking the opposing demonstrations. Tens of people died and more than a thousand injured. It was a massacre!

I started on 25th January wanting Mubarak to leave. A day before the speech, I started changing my opinion and thought we can give the new government a chance. People divided again. Those who are against the opposing demonstrations said about those in Tahrir that they would destroy the whole country and that they belonged to Islamic Brotherhood and traitors of the country. And those who are pro the demonstrations called those opposing them stupid, do not understand a thing and traitors of the revolution. After Tahrir massacre, I wanted those in the square to go back home because I was scared to death from the amount of blood I’ve seen there on TV. I wanted people to go home only this day, organise themselves and go back to ask for anything they want. And at this point I could not really determine where I stand! I did not know if Mubarak steps down now would that be of any benefit? Does he still have any power? If he stays in power, would he re-collects his gang and exercises oppression again or the revolution is too strong that nothing can break it? I tried to talk with those pro demonstrations to understand what are the goals now. But this did not convince me enough. Reading the FLOOD of notes on FB that addressed confused people in an attempt to “illuminate” (or in milder tone) to “convince” those who are not pro demonstrations did not convince me either. Maybe these two things made me a bit closer to be pro demonstrations but did not make me 100% convinced. I went to Tahrir square on 8th February not to see people there because I already knew that they love Egypt and care for it so much. I did not know exactly why I went but I felt I had to be there, be part of the people… just part of them. But my presence there did not make me 100% convinced of the continuity of the demonstrations still. What made me convinced actually that Mubarak and the whole regime has to step down was what I have been seeing through the past few days of exposing the corruption that has been going on in the country for years. What a HUGE amount of looted money?!!! All those billions are looted and at the same time, there are people who cannot find enough money to live, get medications, a decent place to live in or get married in? Besides, the Vice President kept “throwing” strange statements that indicated nothing but political stupidity. His statements again hinted that that those in Tahrir are Islamic Brotherhood and people with secret agendas and “some” youth from 25th January! I wanted to scream: “AGAIN!! You NEVER learn?!” I, then, got convinced that the regime did not actually change and that it has to step down indeed. Now I want Mubarak out of power. And I want Solaiman to leave as well but I know it is not the right time for this step now. I feel that Shafiq (PM) is promising – we’ll see!

Today, 10th February … it is 9:00 PM. Mubarak will say a word in an hour. Will he step down? Will he delegate his presidential responsibilities to Solaiman? God, let all end well! May the best rule!


  1. بحب اقرا الحاجات اللي في الماضي دي واستمتع بيها افتكر المشاعر في وقتها واقول يااااااااه هوا مبارك غار بجد

  2. I still cannot believe it, either :)))

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