Posted by: Mermaid | April 3, 2011

Fancy a Walk in the Rain?

Just today when I started feeling sad because the weather was turning hotter and hotter, it rained :) No, it poured :) I restlessly spent a long day in the office eagerly waiting to go out to enjoy the rain. Thank God it didn’t stop before me finishing by 8:30 PM. When I went out of the company building, oh, it was showering! I had a big shawl that I put on my shoulders. I stretched my cheeks and let the rains kiss my face. Oh, how much I missed it! It had been a dry winter. A very dry one.

On Blurry Vision

Driving in the rain is always a joy to my heart. Listening to the rhythmic sound of the rain on the car ceiling is unmatchable. Michael Buble was my pleasant companion through the clear, slippery road. This weather calls for a big cup of rich hot chocolate, Frank Sinatra, and a long walk in the rain.

On Shiny Roads



  1. Next time we walk together ya Mayo .. and we will be icecreaming together :)

  2. Would LOVE to ya Nizo :D

  3. we know how much u like driving in the rain..that’s why the 5 min drive on an ordinary day would take 30 mins on a rainy day … have fun :)

  4. Look at the bright side, Helmy :) Keda keda we sometimes get stuck, fa it is MUCH better to get stuck in the rain :D

    Luckily, that day I left the office a bit late, so I was not stuck at all. Was just driving slowy and enjoying the blurry vision and the soothing sound of the rains on my car ceiling :)

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