Posted by: Mermaid | April 8, 2011

On Rains, the Best Company and Sinful Pleasures

Today was my last day at work before a two-week vacation. Of course it was extremely busy but I was looking forward to its end. I planned to go out with Nahla afterwards to dine at Crave – something I’ve been craving for almost 6 weeks now. We got in the car and started moving and then suddenly…. RAIN :) It was not raining, it was pouring :) Isn’t the sound of the rain the most soothing and magical?! The wet, shiny roads are uplifting and beautiful. We felt very happy :)

Crave.. oh, Crave! I just love the place! Friendly, smiling, neat waiters, GREAT food, and nice setting. I ordered Fish Pauppiett (thanks to Rou for introducing this dish to me). With the first bite, it brought back the taste of Crèpe de homard, the very first dish I had at Chez Gérard in Covent Garden, London. I love fine dishes of sea food.

The evening went on, with the effortless talk with Nahla and the delicious food. Then came the highlight of the day; Chocolate Fondant. With the first piece that entered my mouth, I felt lost for a few seconds. Intense, rich taste of pleasure. The soft core is the prize I put before my eyes after enjoying the outer, crunchy layer. It is a gift to the heart :)

That was a good, good evening. What can be better than an evening with rains, the company of my best friend, and that sinful pleasure of the one and only chocolate fondant? :)



  1. يا ستي..ربنا يملا ايامك كلها فرحة ..و يبسطك كمان و كمان..و يوعدنا احنا كمان باجازة..ان شاء الله حتى يومين!!! .

    حاسة انك مزاجك متحسن عن الفترة السابقة..سعيدة لاجلك

    كوني دائما بخير

  2. الحمد لله على كل شئ يا عروبة! دعواتك أرجوكِ!

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