Posted by: Mermaid | May 13, 2011

من “عابر سرير” لأحلام مستاغنمي

أي علم هذا الذي لم يستطع حتى الآن أن يضع أصوات من نحب في أقراص، أو زجاجة دواء نتناولها سرًّا، عندما نصاب بوعكة عاطفية بدون أن يدري صاحبها كم نحن نحتاجه.ا



  1. I love this lady.. she’s really brilliant with her quotes .. Excellent choice ya Mayo :))

  2. She’s amazing ya Randaz :D Did you read the trilogy? I LOVE her! :)

  3. No unfortunately I only read Fawda el 7awas .. upon ur recommendation 3ala fekra :D And I just LOVED it I almost quoted the whole book :))

  4. 3aber sareer is AS good as fawda al 7awas :D Get it 3ala damanty :) Zakerat al gasad is fine.. but not as good as the other two.

    Regarding quoting the whole book, I put almost 30-40 coloured flags in 3aber sareer :D Dana kaman keda kont maska nafsy :D

  5. one of the best writers in our arab world, her books put me in a state of trance and i wish she would write more

  6. I very much agree ya Dania. I, too, wish she would write more.

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