Posted by: Mermaid | June 12, 2011

To Husbands: On Appreciation

Last week, I was blessed by meeting fifteen Egyptian women. It was something for work where I interviewed each of them for ninety minutes. They come from different social classes, different age groups and different residential areas. They’re all married, and most of them are with kids. Most of the interviews were inspirational to the extent that I was building fictional stories about some of them in the course of the interview!

One question I was asking them was would their husband and kids notice or comment when they do something good at home. The answer was: “kids would notice and comment. Husbands wouldn’t!” The second question was, naturally: “have you got used to your husband’s not commenting? Does it still make a difference if he comments?” “I would never get used to his not commenting! It makes me sad that he doesn’t. And the kids do not replace him no matter what they say in appreciation of what I do. Words coming from him have a different taste.”

That was eye-opening for me! Some were married for more than ten years. I thought that after all this time, kids are the most important thing in a woman’s life and that she doesn’t care much about what the husband says or does. But obviously, I was wrong. And I am glad I was!

I did not get to meet fifteen husbands to know what wives are missing on doing. So, I am going to talk about what I’ve seen. Husbands, you still, and obviously ever will, remain a big source of happiness to your wives that nothing in the world can replace. Show some appreciation to what they do if you already don’t. A simple “thank you” or “teslam eedek” won’t kill anyone. A kiss on the hand or the forehead would not make less of a man of you. Such small gestures will light up her, and consequently your, world :)



  1. عايزة اجوز عشان جوزى يقولى ميرسى

  2. :P بجد؟!! :) إنتِ شايفة إن ده سبب كفاية للجواز؟ :) طيب ما أقولك أنا ميرسي وخلاص

  3. I loved it:) :) loved it:) but the thing is men are too self centered and practical to notice anything …

    It is sad that women still expect a sign of appreciation because it shows that they have been disappointed for a while…

  4. You do not know how happy your comment makes me feel ya Siksik :) You know how much I love you, right? :)

    Well, I do not see it as “sad” that they still expect appreciation from their husbands. I think they’re just hopeful. Women do not lose hope easily :) I am hopeful that husbands will feel that need one day and do something to fulfill it.

  5. Ya doodz I miss you more wallahy:)

    You know yesterday I heard Fayrouz on my way back to home it was “Baktoub Esmak” this song always remind me how inconsiderate men are. I do not know … i do not want to have expectations so as not to get disappointed

  6. No expectations, no frustrations ya Siksik :)

    Some men are considerate and appreciative … just some :)

    ربنا يكرمك يا سيكسيك :)

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