Posted by: Mermaid | June 17, 2011

(: تعلم الإنجليزية بدون معلم

Today’s lesson is very simple; the use of “back”. We cannot use “back” with verbs like “revert” “return” and “reply” because it is already indicated in the meaning of the verbs. So, we should say “I’ll return to the office on Sunday”, “I’ll revert to you on this issue tomorrow” and so on.

I also want to share a nice website that helps me know the pronunciation of words I am not familiar with: 

Its pronunciation is British (neyahahaha :D)

Tips on slips one and two.


  1. ميادة..ممكن اطلب منك طلب؟؟

    اللي فهمته انك متبعة حمية غذائية..ممكن تقوليلي هي ايه؟؟ و اذا كانت جابت نتيجة؟؟
    لانه الحمية اللي انا بتبعها..مش بس بتقرف..كمان ما بتجيب نتيجة!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    شكرا سلفا!!

  2. I’ll share it with you via e-mail ya Oroba :) And it is working :)

  3. Can the next lesson be on “lie” and “lay”? :)

  4. Grrrrr!!! ( :) )

    You know what, yes, next lesson will be on “lie” and lay” :) But I guess I’ll leave the stage to you :P

  5. […] Tips on Slips 1  […]

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