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Joining the faculty of Arts, English department was not one of my dreams. I just joined it because I did not want to be an engineer and I couldn’t join the faculty of Alsun. Luckily, it took me no time to fall in love with the study there. And for some reason, I loved almost all the professors. I owe my British accent to Dr. Adel Hamouda (may his soul rest in peace) and Dr. Dalia Al Shayyal. Professors there taught me refined manners even through the simple act of reading a poem, an excerpt from a novel or even a criticism article. I am forever grateful to them for what I am now.

A couple of years after graduation, I started my M.A. Studying and working at the same time left almost no space for any social life. I could go out only in summer, only when I didn’t take summer courses. It was very tough, specially with an educational institution as demanding as AUC. However, I enjoyed every bit of it. To those who don’t know, I am a marketing researcher and my M.A. is in English and Comparative Literature; two different fields. I did it for my personal pleasure and because I very much enjoy studying literature. I remember those tough, yet happy, days where I used to sleep for 2-3 hours a day because I had work to finish and a paper to write. I still remember my lingering in the big library, touching books with my hands, enjoying the feeling of the precious papers. Wednesdays’ musical nights in Ewart hall. The chicken salad sandwich I hastily grab after the class before jumping into the underground to get back to work. The fountain and the lonely hours I spend staring at it. The hopes and prayers to get a decent financial aid from the university. ‘Amm Sayed in front of the main gate. I still remember me and Rabab studying Italian trying to pass the exam with professor Balsamo. I still remember the endless chats among the amazing trio (Rabab, Nesreen and myself)… those two girls made a lot of things tolerable. Rabab and her compassion when I get a ‘B’ trying to ease my self-lashing. Nesreen, the creative, clever girl… quiet yet full of amazing ideas. Oh, those were the days!

Why have I turned into a chatterbox? I guess I just wanted to introduce this:

Yes, I am published :) VDM, a German publishing house specialised in academic publications, contacted me to publish my thesis entitled: Nature and Mystical Identity: Three Journeys to the Absolute. I cannot believe I have my name on a book of my own! I feel privileged and grateful to Allah first for everything, then to those who helped me through that journey.

AND it’s here on Amazon :)

الحمد لله حمدًا كثيرًا طيبًا مباركًا ملئ السمواتِ والأرض وما بينهما.ا



  1. مبروك يا ميادة…انت تستاهلي !!!

    انا كنت بقرأ..و انا مبتسمة!!عجبني انك عملت حاجة ..بس لانك بتحبيها!!.

    الغلاف يدعوك اليه!!..و المحتوى اكيد..يستحق القراءة

    مبروك كمان مرة!

  2. الله يبارك فيكي يا عروبة :)))

    أيوه، ما الواحد لازم يعمل بعض حاجات كده بس عشان بيحبها … أعتقد إن ده سبب كافي :)

    ربنا يكرمك :)

  3. مبروك يا ميادة
    مبروك للدنيا كلها

    ويارب تتحقق احلامك وآمالك كلها بما يحبه الله ويرضاه لك
    وأنت قدها فعلا

    أنا فرحان بجد لك .. آه والله العظيم
    وفرحتى أن شفت بعينى حلم جميل بيتحقق بعد صبر
    وكلمة من عندى واسمحى لى اقولها .. بعد كل اللى قلتيه عن دراستك وحياتك وعملك … لمن لا يعرف ميادة جيداً بأقول له .. من اراد أن ينظر لحواء قبل أن تدنسها أهواء الدنيا فلينظر لمثل ميادة .. ميادة ذات الفكر .. الحلم .. الرقى … ميادة الإنسانة
    ربنا يكرمك كمان وكمان
    بس اوعى تنسينا وتقولى اننا ما كناش زمل فى مدونات زى بعض

    الحمد لله رب العالمين

  4. Mabrouuuk.. I’m glad I can finally find your name on a book :))
    I’m so happy for you dear..

    Waiting for more books with your name on it dear :)))

  5. so happy and proud of you mayada .. congrats honey:)

  6. Oh my God :D :D :D What a splendid surprise! :D
    Alf million mabruk ya Mayo. The title & the cover are exceptionally amazing xoxoxo

  7. بهاء، شكرًا 15 ألف شكر على كل الدعم والكلمات الرائعة التي إن لم تتوقف عنها سيصدقك الناس، وأنا معهم :)))

    آمين، آمين لكل دعواتك :) ولك مثله :)

    Ya Randazzzz :))) I didn’t believe it would happen, at least not in my lifetime :))) Thanks begad ya Randa :))

    Ya Rasha :) What a great surprise to see you here, dear :) Thanks a lot ya folla :)

    Alia, it was a surprise for me, too :) Ana lessa makhdooda aslan :D Allah yebarek feeky ya Lo :) e7em e7em, the cover (choice of photo) and colours are my choice :)

  8. mabrooooooooooooook , it is the first time to me to know that you are writing book , great MSA , tell me hayenzel emta we feen 3ashan agebo fawraan :)))

  9. Allah yebarek feeky ya Gessyz :) It was not writing a book per se. It was my thesis which I finished in 2005 and just two months ago VDM contacted me to publish it :)

    NOOO, it is forbidden for anyone to get this book :)) It is for 70$ for God’s sake :) Da ana won’t pay that much for my own book :D :D :D If you’re interested, I can send it to you in PDF :)

    Thanks a lot for the support, dear :D

  10. سيدتى
    كلهم مصدقين وعارفين ان كلامى صح وبيتمنوا معايا ربنا يحقق لك كل احلامك .. وبعدين انت تصدقى ولا لأ دى حاجة خاصة بك انت .. مالكيش دعوة انت بس باللى بيننا وبين ميادة الشريف
    والله فرحت لك زى ما فرحت لنجاح ولادى بالضبط

    (:D :D :D If you’re interested, I can send it to you in PDF :) ….. I AM INTERESTED

  11. Thanks a lot ya Bahaa :))))

    Sent :))

  12. madam be 70 $ fa akid interested :P

    waiting 7aga kaman menek :)

  13. دا أنا نفسي اتخضيت من السبعين زرار دول :))))

    Sent ya Gess :)

  14. I’m not surprised. This only makes perfect sense, Mermaid :)

    I remember you telling me that you weren’t really planning to get published, yet here it came le7ad 3andek :)

    My next Amazon spree will so have this book isA!

    How more can you be my role model? :) I’m so happy for you :)

    (and btw, this should tell you that you should start your second book :) )

  15. I was surprised :D

    No, no… it is forbidden to buy the book :D It’s for 70$ :) Next book inshAllah I’ll ask you to buy 10 copies :)))

    Oh, ya Ibraheem… you’re too great to have a role model like my poor self, dear :)

    As for the second book, da3awatak :)

  16. […] and talented Egyptian women whose blog I have written about here in the past, has just published a book – it’s in English so experts like David Gaubatz can actually read it. I have not read […]

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