Posted by: Mermaid | July 7, 2011

My Birthday Wish-gift List

Pick one a get it for me :)

  • Purple; all shades of it… in everything
  • Heart-felt smiles that would make me narrow my eyes in happiness
  • Snow, if not available, rains. Avoid suns
  • Flowers, preferably with long, embracing hands or petals that would colour my eyes
  • For girls, tight hugs that would make me feel your heartbeats
  • Chocolate (make sure to give it to me just before the point of melting)
  • Stars, stars and more stars. Preferably the tiny ones that are about to go out but then shine in again.
  • A zillion waves topped with dearly and tenderly formed pearls.

Ha, did you pick one already? :)



  1. mmmm…..I have picked that allowed??!!!

  2. l2 kolohom malesh d3wa :)

  3. Happiest Birthday, dearest Mayada .. :)

    Have a peaceful, full of laughs blast :)

    May God pat that amazing heart of yours with all the mercy and calm it cherishes isA :)

  4. Is that allowed? Of course ya Orouba :) Yalla send them over ;)

    Mashy ya Roro :)

    Thank you, dear, dear Ibraheem :) Oh, I cannot thank you enough for this much needed prayer :)) Rabena yekremak :)

  5. Here a very simple and tiny gift :

  6. Oh, it is very nice ya Orouba! And it has pearls :D

    Thanks, sweets :) (hug)

  7. I wish I can give u all the list sweetie : )

  8. Consider they’re all delivered ya Dina :))

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