Posted by: Mermaid | September 14, 2011

My Own Company

Two days ago, I was planning to go have lunch out and then go to a movie alone. A couple of friends knew about this by coincidence and were greatly amazed. I understand where they come from. It is not quite “common” in our culture to find people doing things on their own. But the thing is, I quite enjoy my own company :) Not that people’s is irritating or anything. On the contrary, some people’s company makes all the difference. But I have to admit I hate feeling lonely. And I never have this feeling when I am alone. Yes, never! Only with some people this feeling comes to curl and shrink my heart into a sad organ. Besides trying to avoid this feeling of loneliness, I usually charge my battery from the time I spend on my own. When I spend a lot of time with people, I feel I lost all my energy. With the exception of very few friends who are actually a source of energy for me (even when they’re feeling down! And whose company I prefer to mine), and a few who fluctuate between energy-giver and energy-drainer positions, everyone else’s company sucks every drop of energy I have.

I am glad I grew to not being irritated and actually like my own company.

Signature: A Narcissist! :)



  1. I Liked it as usual actully during my stay in Kuwait i learned to enjoy my own company after i came back i face difficulty adopting with energy drain Friends :)

  2. for sure sharing friends is something make me happy
    but the best is ti make the same happines aone

  3. Hafez, God bless our own company :) And God bless friends and family bardo :)

    Mohamed, am glad am not the only person on earth who does this :)

  4. I’ve always believed that it’s not being alone that makes us lonely .. the worst feeling of loneliness is when you feel lonely when you are among ppl .. it’s the worst for me .. and I never feel lonely when I’m alone as well. It’s only when I’m around certain ppl that I feel alone the most… Does that make me a narcissist too?! :D

  5. God bless narcissism ;) ;) ;) Am glad am not alone in this :)

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