Posted by: Mermaid | September 25, 2011

Berry Much

He closes the door quietly. “Daddy, you home?” She just feels him when he’s around. He leaves his laptop bag and key chain on the first chair before going down to welcome her jumping happiness for his return. Every evening is a feast for her. He greets the baby-sitter that smiles back and kisses the little girl before leaving. He enters the living room and sits on the chair almost moaning with back pains. She has her mom’s eyes and lips. He puts her in his lap and pushes those soft flocks of brown hair off her beautiful face. “So, Cherry, what did you learn today?” She opens her eyes wide with excitement: “I learnt to thay and draw thomething new,” she says it before jumping and rushing into her play room. She comes back with a sheet in her hand. It was taken from a painting book; a drawing of berries and her childish, messy brush strokes of red and purple. She shows it to him and says: “I love you berry much!” His heart melts and he holds her really tight in his arms: “I love you berry much, too!” Then he whispers with a curled mouth and eyes closed: “Oh, I miss you berry much!”



  1. Wow! That IS touching!

  2. I hope there’s no sting this time :)

    Thank you, dear :)

  3. Mayada, we love you Berry Berry much!

  4. Oh, thanks ya Mega :) :)

  5. WOWWWWW ….Doodz it is awesome Berry Doodz :)

  6. Ya Bunny :) Happy, happy you liked it, dear :) :)

  7. msA 3aleky :)

  8. Really touching….few other hearts melt reading this I guess!

    Sorry for the bad English!

  9. Rabena yekremak ya Ibraheem :)

    Ya Orouba, no bad English at all :) Glad you liked it, dear :)

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