Posted by: Mermaid | October 2, 2011

The Ride

Photo by Mermaid

We always take trains to go somewhere. The destination is set in our minds before we set foot in the carriage. Sometimes the road is overwhelmingly and breathtakingly beautiful that we forget about the destination for a while and just enjoy the ride. But then, we’re reminded we have to have a destination. When we think of our initial destination, we’re satisfied and content with it no more. The pleasures we experienced through the ride made us aim for different destinations. But some are just unreachable. And our greedy selves won’t be settled for the initial ones. So, we have only two options; to dismount off the train or go on, enjoy the ride to the fullest (bitterly and achingly) knowing at heart that the train is to reach no destination.

Sane people would dismount off the train immediately. Only the drunk will remain there smiling, helplessly and hopelessly, enjoying the non-stopping ride.


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