Posted by: Mermaid | October 11, 2011

A Hole

She opens her eyes. A dream? No! She almost jumps off her bed heading to the bathroom. Brushing her teeth frantically almost cuts her gum. She has to have shiny teeth!

Returning to her bedroom, she took the new top and shoes off their bags. Just bought yesterday. She carefully wears her new outfit and looks in the mirror. Stupid mirror! Dim, dim! She applies a layer of make-up. This is better.

“What a beautiful, bright smile she has!” She hears one of her colleagues whispering it to another. Good, she thinks. Compliments about her cheerful, lovely outfit shower her. Her smile gets brighter.

Home. Bed. Before lying down, her eyes fall on the carelessly piled up clothes she took off on the floor. The corners of her eyes fall downwards and her mouth curls. She does not want new clothes. She does not want compliments about her smile. All she truly, truly wants is a hole in her throat.. to breathe!


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